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    WINDOWS By Bruce Kriebel The media has been ablaze with headlines shouting that AI will put programmers out of jobs. Less discussed is how AI can help
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      Wow, I loved your approach to throwing an interesting shell script problem to those 3 AI engines, and the results clearly showed each has a definite personality. Thank you for conducting this experiment and so clearly documenting the process, and the results. Best wishes, Carl

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      I’ve been writing Google Apps Script code lately and have been bouncing between Bard and ChatGPT for support. I generally have found that ChatGPT does a better job at solving my issues. At first I thought that Google should be better because it’s their code. Then I remembered that I’ve been living in the MS world for 40+ years and I always get better results when I go outside MS for my answers. 🙂 Nice article. Thanks. – Another Bruce

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      What I like the most is, that you can define something like “please load my variables from a *.INI file” and the AI generates nice commented piece of code. Then it look very proffesional with *.INI file attached in the folder.

      Now I look like an absolute PRO, when “I” developped availability watchdog sending emails via SMTP when something goes offline :)-

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