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  • Left clicking my imported bookmarks folder crashes Chrome 95

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    • This topic has 11 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 1 week ago by anonymous.

    After updating to the latest version of Google Chrome my Imported Bookmarks folder shows up colored dark red on the bookmarks bar, without the folder icon.

    When the folder is hovered over an orange border appears around it and as I said in my topic line, left clicking as normal instantly crashes Chrome.

    If the folder is right clicked, however, instead of the right-click bookmark context menu options, the drop down menu showing the sub-folders appears and can be accessed as normal.

    My quick testing shows that new bookmarks can still be added to the sub-folders or directly to the Imported Bookmarks folder and then used or edited with no issue.

    There are no issues with any of the other bookmarks on the bookmark bar.

    This feels like an issue on Chrome/Google’s end.

    If anyone has seen this before or has any ideas please let me know.



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    • #2396933

      Same for me on two machines. Not sure what happened.

      • #2396951

        It seems to be even weirder than I first thought.

        On top of there really being no way to figure out what caused this, it looks like the only thing the Bookmarks bar has an issue with are folders being placed there.

        A newly created folder has the exact same problems as the preexisting Imported Bookmarks folder.

        New bookmarks on the bar cause no issues.

    • #2397085

      Same here. Also crashes when you click the overflow chevron icon >> that appears when you have too many items in the bookmark bar.

      I have 2 Chrome profiles and it affected both. I also have those profiles sync’d and it did NOT seem to break on another system… maybe an extension? experimental flag(s)?

      • #2397134

        I don’t have enough items on the bar to trigger the overflow chevron, so I haven’t seen that. Can’t say I’m surprised though.

        It feels like something was changed about the bookmark bar directly and for some reason its only effecting certain systems

        What OS is the system that wasn’t effected? My system is Windows 7.


        • #2397162

          They were both Win10, but the one with issues is also corporate managed with several forced extensions…

          However, I fixed the issue by reverting all of my chrome://flags to default. Something I had enabled didn’t play well with v95 evidently! I can’t recall which ones I had enabled (none were directly related to the bookmark bar, though). I had several flags enabled – for tabs, tab groups, tab previews, omnibar, etc.

          Hope this helps!

          If it does, and you can isolate which flag was the culprit, I’d love to know.

    • #2397167

      Same for me, too.

      I’ve found that the problem above you reported is solved when the global default settings of flags are restored at chrome flags (chrome://flags).

      It means the problem above is related to custom-tweaked flag(s), I think.

      But, it’s annoying I have no idea what the hell the flag(s) is(are), because I tweaked so many flag options.

    • #2397181

      Found the problem/solution.  With the latest update I had changed chrome://flags/#tab-groups-save to Enabled.  When I changed it back to Default the behavior disappeared.

      • #2397186

        Oh My God!!!

        You’re right!

        #tab-groups-save was a criminal.

        Thanks a lot sooooooooo much.

    • #2397185

      I found the culprit for me:

      It was the flag:

      Tab Groups Save

      Enables users to explicitly save and recall tab groups. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome


      • #2397197

        Same here, Disabling Tab Groups Save returned bookmark bar activity to normal.


    • #2402463

      Someone else in this thread mentioned enabled flags being the cause, and that was true for me. I had the “Save tab group” enabled and when disabled my issue was resolved.

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