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    We’ve got a Lexar Jumpdrive JDSP25604500A to transfer data from one pc to the other. Worked fine in the past, but today there is an error message “Data Not recognised, Drive not formatted or formatted for MAC”. None of the PCs used is MAC. The same message appears when we’ve tried the Jumpdrive in different PCs. If we reformat the drive, do we risk losing the data on the Lexar? How can we back up the info on the Lexar?


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      I presume this is just a USB Flash Disk made by a specific manufacturer?

      To be quite honest, I would put the reliability of these devices as somewhat better than a diskette, but not hugely more. My experience (admittedly in swapping them from a 98 SE PC to an XP Pro PC, and vice versa) is that, for no apparent reason, “something” can go wrong, and the drive is not recognised any more. The only way out is a reformat and recopy of the data back onto it…

      I hope someone else can give more encouraging advice, but since you have already tried the drive in several PCs without happiness occurring, I fear the worst…


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        I have had a dialogue , with the Lexar, the manufacturer, via e-mail and their website. They are going to replace the device and try to recover the data…that is as soon as I can fill out the on-line form that doens’t want to accept the UK as location and continues to default back to USA. sigh


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          Best of luck with this — but you should be considering how to recover from this sort of situation by backing up the data to a more secure device. i would say “to a hard disk”, but I have had recent unhappiness with these too!


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          I’m actually surprised that Lexar is willing to do that, unless it’s a JumpDrive

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