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  • Link colors are now ignored here except in Basilisk browser

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    I was stunned when I read Susan say she had never changed link colors in her browsers as that was one of the very first things I learned to do when I got my first computer in 1999. I had a Sony Trinitron monitor where the colors were not so garish and had (because I didn’t know any better) an ATI video card. With my second computer in 2003 I got a Dell Ultra Sharp monitor and switched to an nVidia card so I enjoyed very vivid colors but not “garish” to me. I have stayed with nVidia since then and a Dell Ultra Sharp 24″ wide screen monitor from 2012.

    The ONLY color I really cannot tolerate is what I call “Microsoft Blue” which is default in Windows for UNvisited links. (I don’t recall what is default for visited as I have not used Microsoft default link colors since the early 2000’s so I have forgotten).

    Since the recent changes here, ONLY my beloved Basilisk browser, (from the maker of Pale Moon and forked off of Fx 52 ESR but kept fully up to date security wise), honors my link colors here. Other browsers including Fx 78 ESR, use that horrible (to me, extremely hard on my eyes) Microsoft blue for unvisited and, currently here, BLACK for visited which completely ignores my link colors.

    My link colors are a nice darker green for unvisited and dark purple for visited. Very easy on the eyes and yet quite readable (to me at least). These colors were honored here until the recent changes. Microsoft has stated throughout various versions of Windows from 98 on that link colors are not necessarily honored by web sites unless the user is using “High Contrast” themes which I am not and never have used (find them extremely garish and hard on the eyes) yet the vast majority of websites, this one included (although I did speak Woody way back about it when the colors were inconsistent here). honor my link colors.

    This is no longer the case here except on Basilisk. Plus, a different issue, but related I think, is that this site no longer seems to know when I have visited a thread here and is no longer capable of keeping track of my visits and what I have read, etc. This is on all browsers. Does this site no longer honor user link colors UNLESS the user is using only the “garish” Microsoft “High Contrast” themes? That, if the case, would have surprised me until I read Susan’s recent comment in another thread here about never having explored changing link colors in any version of Windows. (Although to be fair, if I was happy with the Microsoft default colors maybe I would never have explored changing them either).

    I love this site and am grateful to my tech friend who told me about it years ago. But I no longer enjoy coming here (except on Basilisk) for a technical reason not a content one.

    Hmmmm….you apparently have a bug. The site will NOT let me select TWO screenshots that ARE different (one shows my link colors and the other the site’s default colors). This site claims both screenshots are the same! They are NOT…taken on the same day but several minutes apart and this site seems unable to see that. The ONLY difference between the two though is the time when I took them and I don’t think this site sees the time difference – it’s not reflected…just a more gross link (in terms of when taken) which being such makes the site think the two screenshots are the same. This is on Basilisk 2021/09/27 version. I have not had troubles before here like this. (It’s too late in the early AM now for me to try and troubleshoot this. Maybe I can add the “troublesome” screenshot in a separate post under this one and try troubleshooting this in the morning). I did just recently upgrade to Windows 10 21H1 (from 20H2)…maybe it is the problem.

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      Last screenshot (default site colors):

      Actually, this shows this site’s default unvisited link color (the garish Microsoft blue) but also shows my visited link color choice….it’s very messed up currently.

      Appears this site honors my visited link color but NOT univisted…that’s really messed up!

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      Let me see if I can repro the issue.  What browsers are not cooperating and what plug ins are you using?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

      • #2395717

        I played around with a link color changing plug in and it let me change the colors.  Can you give me your setup so I can repro?

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Mele20: The “unvisited” links color is darker and less garish than MS blue when my computer monitor shifts slightly to the red during “night shift”, as I have it setup, from 7 P.M to 8 A:M. I am not sure what would be the equivalent feature and its setting in Windows, but works just fine for me in the Mac. One can make it to last all 24 hours, if so chooses. The amount of shift can be controlled, from maximum “cool” hues to maximum “warm” ones. I have it set somewhere in between. This works with my browsers: Waterfox, Chrome and (sometimes used) FF. Haven’t tried with Safari, because I do not use it.

      Ex Windows user (Win. 98, XP, 7) since mid-2020. Now: running macOS Big Sur 11.6 & sometimes, Linux (Mint)

      MacBook Pro circa mid-2015, 15" display, with 16GB 1600 GHz DDR3 RAM, 1 TB SSD, a Haswell architecture Intel CPU with 4 Cores and 8 Threads model i7-4870HQ @ 2.50GHz.
      Intel Iris Pro GPU with Built-in Bus, VRAM 1.5 GB, Display 2880 x 1800 Retina, 24-Bit color.
      Waterfox "Current" and (now and then) Chrome. also Intego AV and Malwarebytes for the Mac.

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