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    Based on the ubuntu 22.04 LTS and codenamed ‘Vera’, Linux Mint 21.1 offers functional and cosmetic improvements over previous iterations with the following updates with security under the hood:

    * ISO verification tool by default in Nemo
    * interactive improvements
    * Folder Icons update in Nemo
    * Cinnamon 5.6
    * Corner bar to show desktop (like windows peek)
    * Home and Trash icons hidden from desktop by setup default
    * renewed timer settings for notifications
    * Driver Manager and Software Sources improvements

    Altogether there are no big feature introductions in this upgrade that seems more focused on improvements on the existing LM21 build, which is nice in my opinion.

    This is still in early stages of beta and should be available as a scheduled final release soon. (later this month..Tuxmas from the Linux Mint team), I look forward to the upgrade from LM21

    Sneek peek: New Folder icons within Nemo with blue status diagonal?


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      Mirrors officially available for LM21.1 beta:

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      Linux Mint 21.1 LTS ‘Vera’ FINAL Released.

      : https://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=4454

      MATE: https://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=4453

      XFCE: https://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=4452

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      Just upgraded from Linux Mint 21 to Linux Mint 21.1.  Did so through System Reports, which alerted me to the existence of the new upgrade.  Made sure to do a Timeshift backup first.  Went into System Reports and told it to do the upgrade.  Rebooted afterward.  This may be the smoothest upgrade I’ve ever had with Linux Mint; it happened through the Upgrade Manager.  Am liking the new green accent color (Mint-Y-Dark theme).

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      FWIW: I’ve just upgraded from Cinnamon LM21 to LM21.1 on my Linux Mint only laptop, which took 15mins (approx 1 hour previously from LM20.2 to LM20.3) without borking the system and with no earth-shattering bugs, it just works. (even with existing tweaks and edits on an old 2008 HP C2Duo 4Gb RAM/ SSD laptop)

      I’ve been impressed with LM21/ 21.1 so far and praise the Mint developers KISS ethic without any frustration. Cool!

      The Linux Mint team has published a pre-upgrade checklist for all to view should you wish to move on up.


      Microfix Tip:
      In addition to 2. Prepare for the Upgrade
      Disable 3rd party Software Sources prior to imminent upgrading, as this can slow the process down.
      You can find those in (if you have any):
      System Settings > Software Sources > PPAs or Additional Repositories tabs
      These can be re-enabled once the upgrade is complete after a system reboot 😉

      As far as upgrades go, they used to be a bittersweet situation for past editions although my experience is that Linux Mint 21.x is getting better with every upgrade and the process is being reduced timewise. The choice of apps in the software manager are catching up with the most recent releases, albeit a slower update cadence as normal.

      All in, I’m happy as the process was absolutely painless. The only thing for me to do was check my preferred settings which, were unaffected.

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        I agree with your assessment of the Linux upgrade process.  Upgrading from LM 19 to LM 20 was a huge dumpster fire for me; I ended up doing a full backup and installing LM 20 from scratch, then restoring data files from backup.  I had to do this because every time I attempted to use the published upgrade process, every piece of software that tried to access the Internet would have DSL lookup issues.  Upgrading from LM 20 to LM 21 took less time, and the published upgrade process worked for me.  However, the Update Manager was then broken due to an apparent spat between Ubuntu and Mint over which version of libssl to use.  I installed the old version of libssl and Update Manager worked like a charm.  (I can do that in Linux because it’s my system, running on my hardware – it’s not Microsoft’s test bed.  If I want to accept the risk of running the old library, that’s my decision.)  Now the upgrade to 21.1 is even smoother.  Hope this trend continues.

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        Reading about the successes from Microfix and Elrod, I jumped on the bandwagon and upgraded from LMC21 to LMC21.1. It was a painless processes as all that I needed to do was open Update Manager and under edit selected Install LM 21.1.  As it was my first upgrade in LM I was a bit anxious in the beginning. But it took about 15 minutes to download then install LMC21.1

        The one thing that I needed to change after rebooting my laptop was the mouse cursor. It just looked to awkward. But it was a simple change to get it back to the older mouse cursor!



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