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    Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon (based on Ubuntu 22.04) is currently being tested by Clem as of earlier today. Should be available as a beta within weeks and final thereafter. Also expect XFCE and MATE versions to follow soon.

    To keep up with progress visit:

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      Linux Mint Monthly News – June 2022

      Linux Mint 21

      Last month we got negative feedback about systemd-oom. After investigating some of the issues we decided not to add it to Linux Mint 21.

      Home directory encryption continues to be available in the installer.

      The decision was made to keep os-prober enabled by default to guarantee proper dual-boot detection out of the box.

      Webp support was added to xviewer and thumbnailers.

      Blueman 2.3 is in and replaces Blueberry.

      In rsync mode, Timeshift now calculates the required space for the next snapshot and skips it if performing that snapshot lead to less than 1GB free space on the disk…

      Check your Automated Updates

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      Linuxmint 21 ‘Vanessa’ has been approved by Clem for stable release!
      More info: https://community.linuxmint.com/iso

      Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce iso flavors will soon be available on the official site although no official announcement has yet been made..


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      Upgrade instructions are now available here to upgrade from Linux Mint 20.3 to Linux Mint 21:


      I just did this successfully this morning.

      When I moved from LM 19 to LM 20, I had issues with DNS lookups in the initial installation of LM 20.  Tried several times, went back to LM 19.  I finally ended up backing everything up multiple ways and installing LM 20 from scratch.  I really did not want to do that again.

      The upgrade from LM 20.3 to LM 21 was exceptionally smooth when I followed the process in the above link.  Running from the command line opens a dialog window which guides you through the process; the installation is reflected in the command window.  There’s a point at which the installer looks for foreign packages; if you have installed LibreOffice, say, from the command line, you will have to get a list of these packages and add them, one by one, to the list of foreign packages that are preserved, otherwise they will be removed by the installer.  This was somewhat tedious, but when the installation was finished, LibreOffice ran just fine under LM 21.

      Be advised, the installer will run for some time.  I think it took approximately an hour for me.  YMMV.

      The only thing I had to do was change my symbols file to allow scroll lock to work again (so I can toggle my KVM switch); I generally end up having to do this after every major LM upgrade, as they replace this file during the install.

      Group "L": Linux Mint

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        I’m a fan of ‘Official’ methods even though I prefer to backup files, nuke and install the latest without upgrade issues/or not? YMMV
        Clean install = Lean experience

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