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    I am finally getting some updates for Update Manager in LM21.  I am just wondering what you do with them. Do you just upgrade as they come in or do you wait awhile to see if there are any side effects? Do you install Security Updates first or maybe the Kernel update first? I know I did the first big update of over 130 updates with out any hesitation.  Should I just install?

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      Just let the update manager decide and let the updates do their thing.

      If you have a kernel update, once updated you will need to reboot the system, there is usually a warning given once updates are complete.

      Don’t worry about patching linux distro’s, let ’em rip.

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        Thanks Microfix.  I let’em rip for 7 updates.  But it got “stuck” downloading FF !I looked at the details and it was only at 10% of downloading FF.  So I canceled it and installed the rest.  It got a little tense as about 1/2 way through the update it paused for a good 5 minutes.  Eventually it finished.  I rebooted (as there was a Kernel Update) and everything seems okay.  I’ll leave the FF update for another day since I know what I am dealing with! Thanks again!

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          Hey bassmanzam, did you happen to notice what version of Firefox you were being updated to?  The latest is 108.0.2.  If it was this latest version, it really doesn’t have any security value and mainly fixes problems with Mac computers.  No need to worry.

          If it is FF version 108 or 108.0.1 you should try again to get it as 108 has security updates.  For what it’s worth, I’ve never had a problem with Firefox, or any updates on my Linux Mint machines.  Hope this helps you out a bit.

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            I am running FF 108.0.1 and the version updated to is 108.0.2.

            How do I go about “ignoring” 108.0.2? I remember hiding updates in Windows 7. Is there something similar in LM?


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              The main reason for hiding updates in W7 was that some updates did more harm than good. I’ve never had a bad update in Mint. But if you want to delay installing an update just uncheck the box in front of it; it will just sit there and not install as long as the box is unchecked.

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              You can ignore FF v108.0.2 by using Synaptic Package Manager and ‘Hold’ the version at v108.0.1 (avoiding any update prompts). Although the problem with this is,,end-user memory i.e. forgetting to release the ‘hold’ version and missing future upgrades which contain security updates.

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        Sometimes the FF downloads are slow. I’ve had them take as long as 20 minutes, although that’s rare.

        i installed 5 updates last night on 3 different computers. Total time from start of download to finished installation was 6 to 7 minutes.

        There’s a little black triangle under “Details” that gives a drop down window showing detailed progress. But just be patient, and let it do it’s thing. I can’t recall any updates not being installed, almost always in 10 minutes.

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          Yes it seems the FF download is slow. Maybe I can try a different mirror site?

          I was worried when I did my update and nothing was happening for 5 minutes. When I did my first update of 138 updates it went very quick!


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            Hi @bassmanzam
            Just a tip.
            Whenever Linux Mint developers release a new upgrade (e.g Linux Mint 21.1 in mid-Dec 2022), there would be more demand on their official repositories on the main servers when the public starts to upgarde/fresh install their installations. Remember Linux Mint is a popular distro.
            You may instead switch the Software Sources to a local mirror with a server that is less congested and also with fastest speed to you. This is usually nearer to your location but YMMV.
            If you go to Update Manager > Edit > Software Sources > Official Repositories and click the Mirrors Main (Vera) button, a “Select a Mirror” window will open and the system will do an auto speed-check on the their list of worldwide mirrors.
            Select the mirror within the list with the fastest speed available to you and follow the prompt to update your APT cache. You can then run a check again within the Update Manager for any new packages to upgrade (e.g.the Firefox Version 108.0.2 package).
            Usually the fastest mirror would not be the default Linux Mint main servers.

            If your Update Manager presents to you an available update package for your installed applications (e.g. Firefox 108.0.2 compared to your installed version of Firefox 108.0.1) you may choose to install it or any other packages by selecting a check (or not if you do not want it) on the respective package within the Update Manager and hit the Install Updates button. Unlike Windows, Linux Mint is very stable and you shouldn’t face problems by installing all updates. A backup of the system is recommended as you still never know what might happen though.


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      Mint has Timeshift integrated into the updater, as far as I know. All you need to do is set it up and let it do its thing, and you will be protected in the unlikely event of a bad update.

      I don’t use Mint, but I do use another Linux distro, and I use Timeshift all the time. I manually have it take snapshot before an update.

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        Yes I use Timeshift to create snapshots to an external drive.

        Do I configure Timeshift through Update Manager? Or do I just manually create a snapshot? Should I create a snapshot to the hdd or external drive

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        You can configure Timeshift through “Settings” in the Timeshift Menu. You can set up a schedule – weekly, monthly, etc. – or take a snapshot manually whenever you wish even if you have a schedule of snapshots set up. You can save the snapshot to either the internal HDD or to an external drive.

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      You included a Kernel update in along with Firefox and the other updates.  I have found that Kernel updates generally take longer to install.  This is normal.  Firefox 108.0.2 should not do any harm since it’s being offered by the repository.  It sounds like you’re good to go.

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      I just wanted to say thank you for all the tips regarding Update Manager and LM updates.  Today I was able to update FF to 108.0.2 via Update Manager. I didn’t select a local mirror and it finished in under 1 minute.

      I am taking my time learning about LM and now I hope I can get back to trying to install Wine!

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