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  • List of only neccessary patches for Win 7

    Posted on jachin99 Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

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      AskWoody Lounger

      I came across this site, and I was wondering if anyone here, or on some other site has created a list of only the most important patches from a security standpoint for win 7?  I know this doesn’t give a lot of context but I only want to install the most important security updates.  I use my PCs as DVRs, and some light internet surfing now and then.  All of my machines are behind my router’s firewall (Peplink SOHO), and I only have one additional open port for remote web access on Windows home server 2011.  I have disabled all forms of ssl, TLS v1 on the server.  I typically use chrome or firefox for internet browsing.  Thanks.

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      Da Boss

      To even come close t answering you question, we would need to know something about your patching history.
      Are you asking for a list of patches for a clean install?
      When was the last time the PC was patched?
      How have you patched it – through Windows Update or manually.

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      AskWoody Lounger

      So right now I’m picturing two scenarios…

      Scenario 1 – I have let windows automatically install important updates.  I have Windows configured to notify me of new updates, and I usually download and install them via windows update.

      Scenario 2 – I notice a drop in performance or some other weird issue after installing an update, and I decide to perform a clean install.  If scenario 1 turns into scenario 2, I am looking for patching strategies that will help me avoid potential problems caused by windows update without leaving my PC vulnerable to attacks.

      I typically get updates through Windows update but if I knew which patches I needed, I’m hoping I could look through an update catalogue somewhere, and just download these to keep on a file server.  I would also like to share my findings with others.

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      AskWoody MVP


      Since you are new to the site, I’d like to bring some things to your attention… Woody, and the people here, have developed and commonly use terms specific to this site regarding Windows 7 and 8.1 updating. Check out Group A, Group B and Group W – what’s the difference?.

      If the reason you were thinking of focusing on Security Only updates was to avoid telemetry, you might read through the following:

      Telemetry in Win7/8.1 – KB2952664, KB2977759, KB2976978, & KB3150513

      Turning off the worst Windows 7 and 8.1 snooping

      Neutralize Telemetry and Sustain Windows 7 & 8.1 Monthly Rollup Model

      For @Canadian Tech’s list of Win 7 updates to remove if installed, to avoid telemetry.

      If you seriously want to avoid all Windows 7 Telemetry, by avoiding updates that you might have to block, doing a clean install, you could follow @CanadianTech’s direction here at AskWoody, and at Updating Windows 7 in 2018.

      There is a lot of information available… but you need to determine what your wants and needs are. 🙂

      Happy updating!

      Win 7 Home, 64 bit, Group B

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      Is there a set of conditions you are seeking to troubleshoot, or a series of imagined scenarios that eventually encompass the universal set of all computing experiences?

      Many people spend careers, and maintain a living, by pursuing the second goal. Some of them share their time here in the Lounge. A few resources available here can be found on the bar of buttons at the top of every page, just under the titlebox with the cute portrait. First take a look at the |About| page to learn more about the professionals involved, although many more contribute as Loungers as well. While it is still free as an introductory offer, read the first issues of |Newsletters/Alerts|, there may be links to additional information that approaches your needs there. Also on that menu of buttons is an ongoing effort by Susan Bradley labeled |Master Patch List|. This will take you directly to the current list under consideration, with links to previous pages describing older patches. You can also explore the directory tree of topics available by selecting the |Forum| button. Or search the entire archive using the “Search the Lounge” function on the right hand sidebar. Take a look around, there is a lot too see.

      At first reading your question appears much too large to answer simply in a single topic. I hope I have directed you to resources you find valuable. I may have read too generally. To troubleshoot a particular set up in front of you, please describe it by answering the information PKCano requested. It would help any of the other Loungers in giving better advice.

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      AskWoody Lounger

      Thanks for all of your answers.  I’ll read through those suggestions but I’m leaning towards group W.  There aren’t any particular issues or circumstances I’m having, and I was asking more towards a learning experience kind of thing.  I already have most of the current updates installed, and should the need arise to rebuild a PC, I may peek at group B.  I’m also going to poke around at disabling telemetry.

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