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    So  I am trying to install Wine on my LMDE 5 32 bit system. I am following the instructions from here: https://wine.htmlvalidator.com/install-wine-on-linux-mint-debian-5.html

    Everything seems to be going okay until i do the command: sudo apt update

    I get the following error message: NO_PUBKEY 76F1A20FF987672F

    My thoughts is that I am installing Wine on a 32 bit system and not a 64 bit system. I then went to the WineHQ Repository site and found that exact error message. Unfortunately I am not following what they are saying to do.  I think the instructions are a bit old.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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      Is the file named winehq-archive.key present in /etc/apt/keyrings? It should be 3,220 bytes long (actual, not “on disk”), or at least that’s how long that file is on my laptop.

      The procedure listed on the page you cited is the same as what is listed on winehq.org, so it should work if that key is present.

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        I’ll have to check that, but I assume it should be there since the only error message I received was after sudo apt update.

        Does it matter that I am running 32-bit LMDE 5? I ask because everything I’ve found to install Wine on LMDE or Linux Mint is for 64-bit versions.

        It might be a couple days before I respond because of other commitments.




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          The error suggested that the key was not found by apt when you tried to update, which would be when apt would check for the key being there.

          I have never attempted to install WINE on a 32-bit system or on LMDE or Debian proper, but as you know, Ubuntu is a close cousin of Debian, and I have used Ubuntu variants aplenty (almost always 64-bit, though).


          Dell XPS 13/9310, i5-1135G7/16GB, KDE Neon
          XPG Xenia 15, i7-9750H/32GB & GTX1660ti, KDE Neon
          Acer Swift Go 14, i5-1335U/16GB, KDE Neon (and Win 11)

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            So I took Ascaris advice and checked /etc/apt/keyrings and the file winehq-archive.key was there. After running sudo apt update I noticed the error message had something to do with the file winehq-archive.key

            I fired up my LM 21.1 machine and looked at the /etc/apt/keyrings and it had the file winehq-archive.key i looked closer at the permissions of the file and noticed that on my LM 21.1 it was rw-r–r BUT on my LMDE 5 it was rw-r—- !! The permissions for “world” weren’t set on my LMDE 5!

            I changed the permission on my LMDE 5 to match the one on my LM 21.1 and ran sudo apt update and it was successful!! I continued to install WINE and everything ran fine. I was able to install my Quicken for Windows and now I am a Happy Camper!!

            Thanks Ascaris for leading me down the path to success!


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