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    Microsoft’s customer support continues to plumb new depths, but there are a few hopeful signs. Keep your fingers crossed, or try to haggle with your l
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      Plumb? As in “We’re here to fix plumbing pipes and drain your septic tank.” and/or jiggle the toilet bowl water tank lever then tell you the water will stay put and leave.

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      My battery exploded in my screen puffed out about quarter half an inch.

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      my surface battery not last long only 4 ~ 5 hours after fall update

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      Please keep checking Windows Update often for the fix.

      This sounds like standard talking points, rather than an actual answer.

      I have a better idea: Hire all of your testers back, and get them to thoroughly test your products before you sell them.

      Group "L" (Linux Mint)
      with Windows 8.1 running in a VM
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      Once again early this morning, Jasmine Car says Microsoft’s working on a fix for the screen shaking problem:

      Our engineers are looking into this and working hard to get this resolved as soon as possible.

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      I have no belief the screen flickering/shaking will be fixed. I went through the threads on the community forums, and the issue presented as early as Decembe 2015.  We are approaching two years now…it’s a hardware issue, and the sooner they admit that, the sooner we can get on with things.

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      It takes hundreds/thousands/millions of such failures before they begin to acknowledge it and say “watch for a Windows Update”…

      Seems like an applied case of “wait long enough and this support problem will go away on its own” – like when everyone buys another brand. Marketing would still call that a win, since people are buying something, and of course there are those who are migrating off other brands that are faulty and who are hoping Microsoft’s gear will work for them.

      Because everyone just HAS to have a portable computing device, right? That’s a given.

      I wonder what would happen if everyone just ignored tablets and enjoyed the view out the real window instead?

      The latter 2010s – “The Great Waste”!

      What did you THINK was going to happen with such too-small micro-miniature devices that you can bend in half with your hands?

      We need a return to desktop computing and gear actually made to last 10 years.


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        Noel – I have been trying figure out a reasonable use case for a tablet other than streaming videos that other devices are better at for me. Phones, laptops, and desktops I can find many uses. Thus, no tablet here. Tablets are niche devices, either incredibly useful or incredibly pointless. For many it is either an inconvenient large phone or a crippled laptop with a long battery life.

        Compounding this is Surface seems to have a hardware bug that MS is not addressing. This has been going for how many years now? So if I am going to buy a tablet (why is a good question), why would one buy a Surface with its known problems? There are other tablets available.

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      This from an anonymous poster:

      We have been hearing that for very long, On one of the most popular thread  on their official forum regarding the surface pro screen flickering, the support officials have made several same promises with no follow up.

      It doesn’t ends there. The agents for chat support doesn’t even tell anyone that its a wide spread issue. Neither they will tell anyone to replace the device immediately. What users have reported and what I have seen is that they ask whether its my first time contacting them regarding this issue or more than one and based on that they give you different suggestions like try this and this troubleshooting, reset the whole window and at the end they tells the users that there engineers are aware of the issue and wait for a fix.

      When finally the user discovers that other customers are having this issue not fixed for months then they will immediately tell you to replace your device if within warranty.

      There is this website devoted to this issue FlickerGate where we are trying to get media attention for this issue. Please share it with other to help us spread the word.

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      Surface pro 2017 pen is a disaster and it has a serious intermittent inaccuracy which makes the note taking impossible… Any comment on that by MS? At least tell us if it is a hardware or software problem for goodness sake!!!!

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