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    Hey, if Microsoft can have millions of unpaid beta testers, I can look for “Insiders,” too, eh? 🙂 The AskWoody Lounge web site team is a couple of w
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      I follow your site no matter what, whether I like your new site or not! LOL!

      If and when I buy Windows 10 I will buy your Dummies’ book, but it will probably be the next version as I have Windows 7 Pro and will just wait for it to play itself out.

      My next PC will be a big-ass tower PC for combat flight simulator gaming. And I always get Ed Bott’s latest and greatest, too; if you guys are still alive.

      I just turned age 65—I might not be here, then…

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      So Woody do you plan on recruiting any moderators or are you going to do it all yourself?

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      I’ll definitely need moderators. When things stabilize enough to run the beta, I hope to shake out what kind of capabilities the moderators should have.

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      Do you need to give out instructions by email to the people who volunteer to test it as “anonymous” posters, or can I just volunteer to help via this comment?

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      I need to let volunteers know how to get onto the test site. So, yes, sending me an email is the best way to do it.

      You can remain anonymous during the test, of course, and I’ll never use your email address except for this specific reason.

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      If you are doing a “microsoft style unpaid beta testers” wouldn’t that mean that all the users are beta testers except for who have purchased a large contract of services?

      On the other hand this means you can fire all your paid testers and the most skilled half of your programmers. (savings of course get re-directed to the marketing department so they can explain how this is all a “good” thing somehow)

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