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    Microsoft’ KB article doesn’t shed much light, but KB 4023057 Update to Windows 10 Versions 1507, 1511, and 1607 for update reliability: October 12, 2
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      I run 1511, with no intention of mezzo-grading. I’ve hidden 4023057 three times over the past several months. I run wushowhide every day to intercept the MS malware. It will be interesting to see what effort MS will go to force me to change versions of Windows 10.

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        You won’t get any security updates after this month with 1511.

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          Not getting security updates does not overly bother me. I consider the havoc MS visits on my system to be the greater security threat. I’m an experiment. Just as some clung to XP, I am pausing on 1511. Just as many are now holding onto 7, I”m pausing on 1511. I’ll move when I decide to move. MS could make that easier by ending the forced upgrade anti-consumer madness. It’s my machine. I’ll live with the consequences of my decisions. I choose not to accept the consequences of MS’s decisions.

          Fair enough?

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            That is fair enough.  When you finally have a system that is stable enough to run your small business, there is no reason to continuously upgrade in a haphazard fashion. For some reason MS continuously bucks the “best practice trend” that has been proven time and time again where the most cost effective method of IT management is to standardize on a build for a year or two and then plan and execute an upgrade purpose and intention. One day an upgrade will stomp on a time sensitive delivery of a document that will cost me hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars and I will take legal action when that happens.

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        Just got hit by 4023057 again – 19 Oct 2017. That makes three times I’ve used WUSHOWHIDE to hide it, and four times MS tries to ram it down my throat. I wonder what is so important to MS inside of 4023057 that justifies in their mind over ruling the express wishes of the machine owner?

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          3 days in a row I’ve received ‘Intel Corporation – System – 6/23/2017 12:00:00 AM – 30.100.1725.1 when running WUSHOWHIDE. I hid it each time. I certainly don’t know what it does – there is no explanation and a web search returns nothing. Not gonna allow it to be installed. But it is interesting that a four month old hardware driver update refuses to go away quietly. Who is pushing this stuff?

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        Running 1511, sitting comfortably watching all you scramble. Not exactly entertaining, but not boring either. I just received KB4033631. I know it’s not the first time.

        So as I previously said, it is interesting to see MS applying pressure to mezzo-grade. Mezzo-grade is my term for something between down grading and up grading. What have you been doing lately?

        Clarifying my terms for accepting bits from my current OS vendor:
        1. Accept security updates/features on my terms and my schedule
        2. Won’t install anything for my OS without a clear statement of its purpose/capabilities/changes to my system/estimate of benefits/risk assessment
        3. Will pay $ to help OS vendor meet conditions 1 & 2.
        4. I reserve the right to hold a grudge against current OS vendor until 1 annual update to OS after they come to their senses.


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      FYI, this update content is an inbox component of version 1709 😀


      basically it’s a tool called “Remediation Shell”
      which remedy “fix” update related components to facilitate the upgrade
      i.e. registry settings, services status, USO and WU SIH schedule tasks, disk space, launch Windows10UpgraderApp.exe if installed (included with 1607 CU since June)

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      Where were you able to find these details? Which website?


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      Is there still no update as to where Abbodi86 got this information from?
      If he/she were able to find it, then have any of the other Woody Loungers been able to find it too?

      My web searches have come up empty.

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