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    I use Office 365 inc Outlook.com for e-mail.  Everything was working fine until I updated my password on the Win10 account.

    My e-mail still seems to work well, including items forwarded from old accounts.  However, utilities like “Snip & Sketch” use MS Mail to forward the snip.  Up until the date I updated by Win10 password, sending the snip worked well.  It no longer works.

    If I open the Win10 Mail icon from the program list (after Windows icon in bottom-left corner of screen), I see my account with the items forwarded as it was before I updated by Win10 password, along with a notice that my account needs attention. Clicking this asks for the password.  It did not accept my new Win10 password, but did apparently accept my old Win10 password.  However, after accepting the password, I receive a “needs attention” message again.  Now I am in a loop, where it says I need attention, and the self-help makes the correction (to what I don’t know – it is automatic), and 10 seconds later I’m back in the loop.

    FYI: My outbox of this Win10 mail is filled with my recent Snip messages, but I am not allowed to send or even read them.


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      Just to double check:
      You are using a Microsoft account to login to Win10 correct?
      It is the same account as the email account correct?

      Can you access the email account in a browser using the new password?


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      Q1:  Yes

      Q2:  I was.  It appears, though, that when I changed my Win 10 password, theOutlook THAT COMES WITH WIN10 may not have updated.

      I’m still getting the mail and sending it from my Outlook.com account associated with Microsoft (Office) 365.  When I use Snip & Sketch, however, and try to send the snip via e-mail, it does NOT send any longer – it just backs up in the Outbox of the Outlook associated with Win10.  It worked fine until my password change.

      When I try to use the Win10 Outlook e-mail directly in the browser, the Outlook inbox opens, with the last messages received those just before I changed my password.  After a few seconds, a message appears at the top:  “Your Outlook account settings are out-of-date.”  If I then follow the recommendation to click on “Fix account,” I receive a message saying that I’m all set – the account has been fixed – followed a few seconds later by the out-of-date message.  I can go around this loop endless times.

      Any advice?



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      addendum:  When I go to “Manage accounts,” I receive this message:

           access denied
      The user ID that you entered is not recognized. If this is a new account, it may take a few hours before you have access to services. Important: This page does not yet support signing in with a Microsoft account. If you have one already, try signing in again using an account assigned to you by your organization. If you don’t have one, please request a new work or school account from your admin, and then try again.

      So I cannot manually update my password.
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