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    I’ve lost my standard toolbars and menus in Excel 2000. they’ve been present since the original installation but now have disappeared without any particular action on my part. I’ve tried the “Repair” option within Office 2000 without any luck; the same with a “Reinstallation” and finally a complete “Removal” and fresh installation. the only thing I can think of is a left over (and faulty) registry setting or the Installation disk has now gone bad. I’m open to suggestions for fixing this unusual problem.


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      could you be in full screen mode?

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        I tried full screen mode myself- and I tried switching off the toolbars. I can get rid of every toolbar- but I can’t get rid of the menu. So I can’t recreate the situation.

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        I don’t believe that full screen mode is the problem since my last action was to totally remove Office 2000 and then reinstall. I’m wondering if there is a renegade registry setting that has not been wiped out or over-written during the reinstall?

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          i think you know the answer ot that question

          there are a lot of customizations that remain when you do a reinstall. but it seems like overkill to uninstall/reinstall (except we have no idea what is causing the problem to do the easy fix) – if you decide to try it again, use a registry cleaner or manually make sure all office keys are gone.

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            Tried Norton SystemWorks 2001…cleaned up a lot of of bad registry settings but still didn’t resolve my problem. No luck in finding any Microsoft Excel KB article that talks to the problem and its resolution. Does anyone remember seeing any mention of this problem in Woody’s previous columns? Seem’s that I vaguely remember something from a while back.


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      I’m very interested in the solution around this, as I’ve just been having a conversation with someone who had a similar problem in word. Reinstallation in her case, did not solve the problem. Ack!

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