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  • Mac and “i” gadget users, NP speaks about AOL, safeguarding emails, etc.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Dear Mac and “i” things users:

        By means of smoke signals and jungle drums and much hopping around a fire at night in a forest, with wolves prowling nearby and howling, there, while shaking a rattle and mumbling something, I have made contact with the spirit of Nathan Parker, asking him for advice on how to safeguard one’s email in our Macs and “i” gadgets, now that AOL has been sold to a “financial” company by Verizon, so there go our memories and business transactions details and names of contacts and more, when the AOL servers are turned off to be sold to the best bidder.

        So he has advised me to export with Mail the mail either to the Mac’s own disk, or the “i” gadget whatever, and, or also, make a copy to an external disk, so as to have a redundant copy of each email so saved.

        He also recommended a site where one can store one’s mail safely and here it is mentioned at the end of  a copy of his most recent message from the Other Side.

        As to how to reach him, for those with some burning Mac and “i” gadget questions, he indicated that they may get in touch with me over DM and I could let them know the secret and supernatural way of contacting Nathan. He’d rather this is not be made general public knowledge, because he is worried that if it gets out he might become a target of spammers.

        Also, do go easy with the messaging to me, because there is only room in AskWoody’s system for 50 message threads, and if it gets to that number (as it has often enough in the past) I’ll then have to start deleting older threads and I rather don’t have to do that too often. In fact, anyone that contacts me asking how to get in touch with Nathan and to my own discretion, I’ll may immediately deputize the one so asking and announce the joyful news here, so that others trying to reach Nathan can also ask him, or her the “how to” question from then on.

        As to the details, they are here, in this typescript of our exchange on this topic:

        In “Mail”, use “export this mailbox” in the menu that opens when right-clicking on the icon of a mailbox that shows up when clicking the icon of the Inbox on the left side bar of the screen, then choosing an empty folder as a destination of the exported emails. OK?:

        OCP: If I export my messages from a mailbox or folder in Mail, will all the emails in the folder I am exporting from be deleted?

        NP: The “export” just makes a copy of your emails into that MBOX file. It won’t delete anything from the original location.

        OCP: Will the exported emails, in their new folder or mailbox, will still appear with name of sender, subject of the email and its date of reception?

        NP: Yes, it should. It basically gives you a file you can restore to Apple Mail (or even another app like Thunderbird) and restore all your emails as if they were never deleted.

        OCP: I tried to archive a lot of emails at once, they showed up in Mail’s “Archie”, but then moved by themselves to “Recovered Items” in the “On My Mac” setion i Mails let bar. Are they safe there?

        NP: “Recovered Messages” is a Mailbox and should be able to be exported. It seems the ones in that folder are now stored on your Mac instead of AOL’s server.”
        They are “likely” safe.

        NP again: You could create a new mailbox by going to Mailbox>New Mailbox, then selecting “On My Mac” and storing all your emails there. Then use the “Export Mailbox” instructions to make a copy of that mailbox. That would provide you with two copies of your email messages off of AOL, so if the server goes out, you’ll still have everything.

        NP finally: If you need a more reliable place to move them, WebMate would be a good place, as their support is fantastic.


        Windows 7 Professional, SP1, x64 Group W (ex B) & macOS Mojave + Linux (Mint)

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        AskWoody Plus

        After last night’s seance, I had a new one tonight to ask NP some questions I had forgotten to ask before, in the intense emotional state the unusually strange situation had put me in. Now that I was a bit more seasoned, I thought, probably might finish getting all that was left from last night that one needs to know about how to deal with this most vexing and potentially quite serious problem that has descended unbidden over myself and others like me, right out of the perfect blue.

        Here are my new questions and NP’s answers:

        OCP: “NP, thanks for answering my call from this, the Earthly Plane. I do have two questions I should have asked you yesterday, but in the intense emotion of the moment I forgot all abut them. Sorry about that. So here they are:

        ” (1) I cannot find more than a handful of all my “sent” emails in where they are supposed to be kept: Finder/Library/Mails/…./several folders, yes, but each with just one day’s worth of sent data. Nothing like what I have in the “Sent” folder of Mail. It would seem that they are in some AOL server, not in my Mac”

        NP: “The only way to guarantee Sent messages are stored on your Mac is if you created a “Sent” Mailbox on your Mac (following the instructions in my previous email) and moving them there. Otherwise, they’re still syncing over SMTP. The command “Export Mailbox” will at least make a copy of them on your Mac you could re-import later, if you wanted to.”

        OCP:” Thanks! Now question (2):  If I wanted to keep putting new emails, both sent and received, in Mail folders housed in my Mac’s disk, so they are not left in AOL’s servers where they might disappear any day now, how do I add them to what I have saved previously in those Mailboxes, and so on my Mac, without duplicating all those emails already saved there?”

        NP: “When new emails get added, if you re-export the mailbox, it will export everything. You can either replace the previously-exported mailbox with your newly-exported mailbox (simplest solution) or copy all your new emails to a separate mailbox, then export that.”

        OCP:” Thanks, NP.  If it’s OK with you, we might do this again if a new Mega Mac-Related Crisis comes along. Take care”

        NP:” You too. Always a pleasure, OCP.”

        The fire was burning low, and the wolves were howling closer. I put down the rattle and rekindled the fire.

        Windows 7 Professional, SP1, x64 Group W (ex B) & macOS Mojave + Linux (Mint)

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