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    Just as you can change the appearance of Windows Explorer to your liking, you can choose your “Preferences” in MacOS Finder.


    In the Finder menu, under “Preferences” choose “General.”

    With these preferences, plugging in an external hard drive, for example, will show an icon for the drive on the desktop. Double clicking that icon will open a finder window showing the drive contents. “New Finder window show” sets the default location where Finder opens. I have chosen my User folder (highlighted in the left pane).
    Finder is capable of opening multiple tabs like an Internet browser. That makes it easy to switch between frequently used folders. My tab choices are my User folder, Documents, Downloads, and Desktop. (See the bar immediately above the left pane and below the icons in the toolbar at the top)

    In the Finder menu, under “Preferences” choose “Sidebar.”

    Checks here determine what is listed in the left pane of the Finder window. Listing frequently used folders makes navigation easy. You can display local and network attached storage, printers, and other computers on your network as well as the contents of your hard drive.

    In the Finder menu, under “Preferences” choose “Advanced.”

    You can specify other settings including showing file extensions, warnings on emptying the trash, and search parameters.

    All in all, these are much the same settings you can find in Windows Explorer.

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      Thanks so much PKCano. Your pictures are very helpful. I think I could be very happy with an Apple IMAC. It’s my understanding that Malwarebytes can be used on Apple. How are the updates handled – every month or just as needed? Please excuse me if you have covered these topics before.

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        I used to be die-hard Win. Bought my first Mac in 2011 (13″ MacBook Pro). No I do everything on the Mac and Windows (7/8.1/1703/1709/1803) run in VMs.

        No more patching stress – never had a BSOD, never had a problem. They come whenever Apple says they are needed. You can set Auto, or choose. They come through The update sections of the App Store. Even Upgrades are no problem. Forget ulcers!

        I run Malwarebytes and TrendMicro on my Macs. Also many other progtams you are familiar with. See icons below.


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      Thanks so very much PKCano! I have received very useful suggestions – to stay with Win7 and not patch, to install Linux VM, and your encouraging endorsement of what would be the Imac. I believe that my next computer will be the Apple. It’s the least stressful option. And thanks so much for including the screen shots! The lack of ulcers and BSOD are very powerful incentives for me. I may hold on to my Windows7 a little longer as it is still working but fairly soon I want to make the leap to Apple as I cannot take the “fear of patching” that occurs monthly with Microsoft. If Windows 10 did not have so many drawbacks I would have stayed with Microsoft but from what I read on Woody’s it would be like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. I am so appreciative for the sharing of expertise here.

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      Plus in Mojave you can set Finder windows to the new Gallery view, and Mojave has the new Dark Mode which looks great on Space Gray Macs and when working at night.

      Nathan Parker

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