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    I ordered a new Magic Keyboard – US English for my 2017 Imac 21.5 inch desktop.

    It came with a woven USB-C to Lightening Cable to connect to USB-C Port.

    My Imac does not have a USB-C port.  Apple is telling me I need to order:  Mophie USB-A cable with USB-C connection.

    I got the new Magic Keyboard to work by using the Cable that came with my old Magic Keyboad. Has anyone else had this problem and is this workaround sufficient or do I need to order the Mophie?

    Thanks for any help/advice.


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      The advice you were given from Apple was incorrect. The Magic Keyboard has a lightning port, so a USB-A to USB-C cable won’t let you connect anything.

      If you want to connect to a USB-A port on your 2017 iMac then what you need is a USB-A to Lightning cable, which it sounds like you already have (the first generation Magic Keybord came with one), so that will do fine.

      However, the 2017 iMac has two Thunderbolt 3 ports, which can be used as USB-C ports, so you can also connect your new Magic Keyboard to one of them using the USB-C to Lightning cable that your new Magic Keyboard came with.

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        Thank you very much Sky!  You make more sense than Apple.  I just connected the new USB-C to Lightning cable that came with the Magic Keyboard and I am typing with it now.

        Once again, the folks at Ask Woody prove to be more  knowledgeable than the “experts”.

        P.S. – if you want a giggle:  I first called Apple Support because the Magic Keyboard was “dead”.  Only after speaking with numerous Apple Support people did I learn that the Magic Keyboard must actually be turned on!!!!!  Who Knew???? 🙂

        All’s well that ends well as they are sending me the Mophie free of charge.  And thanks again Sky for your detailed and much appreciated explanation.



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          Glad to have helped.

          Just remember that a USB-A to USB-C cable, whether it is made by Mophie or anyone else, won’t let you connect your Magic Keyboard, so the cable that they’re sending you won’t work to connect your Magic Keyboard. The Lightning and USB-C ports look similar, but are not interchangeable.

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            Thanks Sky.  My front doorbell just rang — the mophie was just delivered!

            I understand that it can’t be used to connect the Magic Keyboard.  Would I ever need to use it for anything???? Or should I just recycle it?

            Once again — I’m grateful for your advice.


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              Would I ever need to use it for anything????

              Keep spare parts. You just never know…

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