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    Mailwasher has been one of my fave utilities ever since it was mentioned in an earlier thread. I love its capabilities but I’ve got two questions. First, it has an annoying habit of leaving its title bar on my screen when I’m finished looking and minimize it. Nothing serious and it goes away after I do something else on the screen. I don’t know if it could be my video card or the software. Does this happen to anyone else?

    Secondly, ever since I downloaded and installed version 1.32, he has had 1.33 listed as being in Beta. Has anyone been running this 1.33 version and if so, is it stable enough to try that you would recommend a switch?

    Mailwasher’s a great program and I haven’t had any “repeaters” from spammers I have Mailwasher blacklist (bounce)…..

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      I have MailWasher…it is v1.33beta – the paid for version. I just love it!
      Perhaps you have a corrupted file or something – the titlebar and the entire program goes off my screen after I am done reading whatever email is there that I want to read (after clicking ‘process mail’, and going to OE). Have you gone to the website to check out the FAQs? Perhaps you can email them with the inquiry?

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        Thanks for the reply Lonnie. Yeah, I checked the FAQs awhile back and didn’t see anything and as I said, it’s a teeny tiny nit and not something of great concern. BUT, if you’re running the 1.33 beta and not having any trouble with it, I think I’ll switch.

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      Yes, I’m running 1.33. It’s excellent.

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        Thnx to you too, Eileen! Since I’m a paid up user, I sent his support email a question about upgrading, but maybe you wouldn’t mind telling me what you did. If I go from 1.32 to 1.33 do I need to uninstall the old first, or did you install 1.33 right on top of the previous version? I don’t want to lose my settings and blacklist, etc. files nor my registration key. What happened to you?

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          Over the top, I think. I can’t really remember…

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          Al, I can’t offer you practical advice about upgrading from a previous version of Mailwasher – but on the whole, it’s almost always better to go with a removal of the old code first, and then install the new version. Far fewer problems develop that way.

          I would suspect that there is a way to retain your settings, have you checked to see if there are any text/INI/CFG files in the installation directory? Surely the authro can shed some light on this too – it would be useful information in the event of a catastrophe.

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            Yeah Mark, I usually do uninstall a piece of software unless it suggests otherwise. In the case of Mailwasher, there doesn’t seem to be an .INI file anywhere. The app is installed in Program Files and some control files (blacklist, etc.) are in the usual Documents and Settings folder. I can’t tell where my (several) mail account settings are, so I was just trying to avoid the “grief” of having to do all that setup work again. I sent the author a message, since good ol’ boys like me (paid up!) are supposed to get support, but I haven’t heard from him (yet). I think I’ll just copy what I can find to a temp directory and go ahead and uninstall, crossing my fingers…..

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            Well, for the benefit of others (I hope) that didn’t take long. To Nick Bolton’s credit, it only took 4 or 5 minutes to uninstall the old version and then install version 1.33 in its place. The uninstall didn’t remove the files in the Documents and Settings folder, which is what I had hoped. After installing 1.33 and firing it up, the control files “remembered” all my settings, blacklist and friends, etc. as well as my mail accounts. On later inspection, I noticed there are a couple of new files in that folder. Mr. Bolton: thankyou

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              Al, did you get a list of what those files were? I looked on the Mailwasher website and didn’t see anything in regards to upgrades – and such a thing would be exceptionally useful (or sating to a curious type like myself). Of course, if it’s as easy as you’ve stated that’s not as pertinent – but what would happen if you needed to re-install?

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              Q. I have formatted my hard drive and want to reinstall MailWasher. How do I get back my registered version without the advert?
              A. Click on register, and then the button marked ‘I have already paid’. Enter the email address you used when you first registered and a new key will immediately be sent to your email address.
              Per the FAQs at the website.

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              Yeah, I had seen the bit about the registration key in the FAQs, so I wasn’t worried about that part of it. I just didn’t want to have to enter all that data for my mail accounts again. But, it’s a moot point now that it went SO WELL! And, by the way, the annoying little nit I mentioned at the start of this thread is GONE as well. I’ve opened and minimized Mailwasher on top of a few different screens and it left no residual title bar on the screen. Yay!

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              Glad the ‘main’ reason for the thread was fixed yep…am waiting for version 2 to come out laugh

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              Thanks Lonnie – I was actually looking for the answer that Al provided. It would seem that you simply need to back up that folder in Documents and Settings to restore your lists and other changes.

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              As the luck of an Irishman would have it, I just received the following, in spite of my having uninstalled: [indent]

              This new version will install fine over the old one, it will also remember your registration and account details.

              Regards Chris
              Mailwasher Support
              ICQ# – 164254241

              [/indent] I’m attaching a screenshot of the list of files NOW in my Documents and Settings folder. The first FOUR files were there in the previous version and ALL the others are new. I’ll have to keep an eye on that folder to see if all those log files continue to grow!

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              Guess that I’d better check mine out…

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      Hi Big Al:
      I downloaded MailWasher, but haven’t tried it yet (like I do with so many utilities). I know that you used to use Netscape and so you were aware of it’s filtering capabilities. My question is, is MailWasher so much better than Netscape that I need to install it?

      My reluctance is based on the fact that I only get about 3-4 spam/day that’s already filtered into my trash & a couple times a month (seems to run in cycles) I get 3-4 spam directly into my inbox. And you know the old saying, “If it ain’t broke…”


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        You may have the wrong impression about what Mailwasher does, Phil. It is NOT an email “client.” Its purpose is to let you see the emails while they’re still on your ISP’s server, so you can decide if you want to receive the message, erase it from the server BEFORE it ever gets to your hard drive, or reject it (blacklist) and let Mailwasher “bounce” it back to the source. After you’ve made the aforementioned decision, if you choose to receive it, your email client software (i.e. Netscape, Eudora, whatever) takes over as it usually does.

        So, Mailwasher is a preview program, not an email client.

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      hi, anyone know where i can find the long mail washer instructions that were in the original post , thanx

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