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    This is a Google Maps on Android question. We have a Pixel 3a on Android 12 and a Pixel 3a XL on Android 11 (because of a lot of blowback from folks who upgraded to 12 and wish they hadn’t). This problem happens on both phones.

    Google Maps always opens on our phones with a screen full of header and footer overlays (see attached screen shot).

    It used to be that a single quick tap anywhere on the screen would get rid of all those overlays and take us to a full screen.

    That no longer is the case. No matter how quick or slow the tap is Maps plants a pin, fills what used to be the search box with the location coordinates for the pin, and slides up a large footer with info and additional links about what is under the pin.

    There seems to be no way to get rid of all these overlays to get a full screen of the map only, without any overlays. This leaves only a very small portion of the screen unobstructed which is quite frustrating.

    A Google search shows this is a common problem with no apparent solution that works for anyone who has it except to wait for some update to Maps that might fix it.

    Has anyone else run into this problem and found a fix?


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      Same with Android 13.

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      I found a way to do it. Note: This was using Android 13, Maps version 11.70.0304, Pixel 6a.

      All you have to do is open maps, place your finger on the search bar and slide up.



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        Oh, WOW. You are right! It works for me too on Pixel 3a XL with Android 11 and Maps version 11.70.0304. Thank you SO much. I’ve been trying for months to find a solution for this.

        Why doesn’t Google document this? Why do none of those ’26 Things You Can Do With Google Maps That You Don’t Know About’ mention this?

        On my phone it’s a bit hit or miss on whether the overlays slide off the screen leaving just the map, or the map under the overlays goes shooting up off the screen while the overlays stay in place. But it’s definitely better than what I had before.

        Thanks again!


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