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    I try not to post direct links to Twitter on the main page – the link brings with it a bunch of tracking garbage – but I just couldn’t resist with thi
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      Thank you Woody! I needed tht to change the mood at work 🙂


      btw still reporting to the physical office here! maybe take a poll on your users on how many remote workers vs office workers.

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        Fascinating! I didn’t realize there were many computer-type folks working in an office these days. Guess I need to get out more….

        Oh. Wait a sec. 🙂

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      Thanks, Boss!  A half-century ago (and perhaps a few more years…), that puppy was I.


      (Nice of Twitter to let outsiders in to see content such as this, as I do no “social media”.)

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      How’s this for a short video? It might put a smile on your face in 9 seconds!



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      THIS video is worth the donation, let alone all the computer stuff!

      Thank you for making an exception to policy!

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      The dog’s name is Stella. This video is from Mid January, has a great ending.

      Stan B

      Edited for content.

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      Thanks, Woody!  That is a much-needed respite from tension & stress.

      And, as a another positive by-product, there was a link to a youtube video “Jesus Christ in Richmond Park” a couple page-downs on the twitter page for Stella the dog.  I’d never seen it before and it has almost 22 million views.  Fenton the labrador video-bombs the clip and herds all the deer in Richmond Park, London, while his owner is yelling “Fentonnnnn! …

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