• March 2023 update


    Since installing the March update my computer no longer recognized my printer.
    I have followed directions on every how to video I can find. I have uninstalled the printer and cannot reinstall it. What a mess. Anybody else have this problem and hopefully a solution?
    I am running Windows 10 Pro and an HP Officejet Pro 6968 (or trying to, again)

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      cannot reinstall it

      Do you mean the printer software & driver installation software won’t run at all, or the installation begins, then fails?

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        I followed the advice of a person on a how to video to uninstall the printer and then to reinstall it. Well I got it uninstalled and now cannot reinstall it. I figure the printer has to at least be there in order to update drivers or anything like that. At this point I am about nuts , I NEED my printer to work from a computer command. Thank god it still works as a stand alone.

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      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Thanks Susan. I will start trying again after I get enough coffee in me.
      Should have listened to you and not installed the update, but almost everybody urges to install them asap because of all the evil people out there.
      Another thing that happened after this latest update is that the desktop icons and text under them went so small, and all rearranged, of course (which often happens). I finally got that figured out.
      This is such fun-NOT. I am 87 years old.

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        If your HP printer is attached by a USB cable, you should disconnect the cable after you uninstall the software from HP, and leave it unattached until the reinstall software asks you to connect it. If it is already attached when you start the reinstall, it will install the Microsoft built in basic drivers and the software you are trying to install won’t install correctly.

        If the printer is wireless, the software should find the printer on your network and install OK.

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      Thanks folks, for your help.
      I uninstalled the March update and added my printer. The printer was listed as offline and I was trying to figure out how to get it online.
      The printer is now working from a pc command and I don’t know what did the trick. I hate it when I don’t know what worked.

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