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    I’m seeing reports all over the web about failed sync on WSUS servers, trying to roll out this month’s patches. SoapException: Fault occurred InvalidC
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      In the WSUS forums a Microsoft representative states:




      As far as i know, it is not only you who have encountered this issue. It seems that some of the packages released in the 9/5 of the Office 2016 category have caused this problem. ”


      Same issue as you. It seems that the KB4346783 can’t be sync due to a known issue which have not been fixed yet.”


      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Attached our corporate WSUS sync log.  I thought the sync issues were fixed after 9/9, but then we had a scheduled sync failure on 9/11, followed by a successful sync 30 mins later.  I have no doubt the problems are on Microsoft’s end and there’s nothing we admins can do until a fix is provided to us.




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      Our corporate WSUS servers were exhibiting the same behavior.  I tried the Office check/uncheck manual sync process and it didn’t solve the problem, so I turned Office back on and left it alone.

      Waiting a couple of days fixed the issue.  Literally, I did nothing but watch it for a couple of days and it started working.

      Go figure!

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      On two small WSUS servers, I see sync failures Sept. 6-9, all successful starting Sept. 10.

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      My sync problems have cleared up, but I was having issues the other day.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      I did the remove-Off16-synch-readd-Off16 trick on the 10th and it’s synched fine for me since.

      No matter where you go, there you are.

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      Starting working again for us sometime between 0700 to 1900 (UTC) on 10th September. All synchronisations since then have been successful.

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      Two of the wsus servers i look after stopped synching. On the old 2008 r2 server changing the microsoft url that it connected to in the database got it working again.

      For the 2016 server i did a dirty database check. After fixing that it started synching again.

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        Post please the Microsoft url which you have corrected in the database and also steps to do it in database.

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          Basically to connect to the database this explains it.

          And the sql script to update

          USE SUSDB;
          UPDATE dbo.tbConfigurationB
          SET MUUrl = ‘https://update.microsoft.com/v6’;

          You may want to record what your original url was in MUUrl.  Table tbConfigurationB only has one record so it is easy to look and copy the original url in case you want to go back to it.

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      Getting intermittent sync failures again starting 9/17 for both scheduled AND manual syncs.  Can anyone else confirm?

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      I can confirm that It was working up until 9/21/2018 then all day today fails WSUS sync


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      I solved de-selecting Definition Updates” and forcing a manual synch.

      After that, I selected again “Definition Updates” and everything seems to be working as expected.


      P.S. No Office 2016 in my env, Wsus on Wind 2012 R2


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      I de-select Office 2016 and Definition Updates and force a manual synch and it works fine.



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      I confirm that only Definition Updates broke synch

      When I de-selct Definition Updates synch wroks

      When I select Definition Updates synch dont work


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