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    I have 2 XP x64 computers both claiming to be master browser with all the attendant event viewer errors and occasional Desk Top system errors. I have tried
    the Registry fix setting “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesBrowserParameters IsdomainMaster=False” to true for the computer I would prefer to be a master followed by a reboot of both. Rebooted the master first and the other last after the first had completely finished. No luck, according to Browstat Status both are still the master.
    This is a complex local network with 3 XP x64 computers running along with a win 7 Pro x64, a Win 7 Home x64 and other devices like a nook and 5G phones.
    Ive read through “http://www.chicagotech.net/casestudy/masterbrowser8003.htm” and found no help yet. The MS KB tools won’t install on the XP x64 boxes but a stand alone Browstat will run.

    How can I end this problem?

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      I thought that went away w/ XP, try:
      net stop browser


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        According to the stats I’ve seen XP accounts for a little over 30% of computer users.
        I tried the net stop browser on 2 XP Pro x64 machines. On one it actually stopped the browser. on the other it said it stopped the browser but when I checked services it was still running. I set computer browser to manual and stopped it. After rebooting both one now says the Win 7 pro box is the master and the other can’t find the master. Go Figure.

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        Thanks for the help!

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