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    I’ve updated the Master Patch list for the March releases. Remember to always review the known issues we are tracking on the Master Patch List. I will
    [See the full post at: Master Patch list as of March 15, 2023]

    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Hi there,

      we had problems with the MS365Apps versions
      16.0.16130.20306 and 16.0.16130.20218
      in the combination of Outlook and the Kerio Connect Server.

      In Outlook the from field showed no name anymore and you weren’t able to change the sender’s address through the from button.

      Only a downgrade back to version 16.0.16026.20200 solved the problem.

      For we had only Kerio Connect account via the Kerio Offline Connector (KOC) we cannot say if the problem ocurrs with exchange or imap accounts as well.


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      Finally got what I wanted from this list.  Thanks, Susan.


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      Windows 10 21H1 is out of support since December 2022 🙂

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      Two Servicing Stack Updates for Win8.1 Embedded Server 2012 R2:

      KB5022922 released 2/28/2023

      KB5023790 released 3/14/2023

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      Hi Susan. I’ve had a couple of interesting possible problems with Windows 11 22H2. (I know you don’t recommend it).

      • I have a Surface Pro 9 and it is running 11 22 H2 just fine.
      • I bought a used 2020 Surface Laptop AMD. It had a 30 day return on it. From Ebay. Very clean. I loaded Windows 11 Pro on it, and then did the slew of updates that were required. All went well until I updated to 11 22 H2. Then the blue screens started happening. At first I thought it might be due to the Duo Dock that I was using. But my SP9 is not having any problems with the dock and it’s been updated to the latest firmware. I removed it from the dock and placed it on the normal power adapter. Blue screens randomly continued. After 4 days of this behavior I sent the unit back for a refund.
      • At the same time, a client of mine bought a Surface Studio Laptop, high end from MSFT with i7  1 TB SSD & 32 GBs RAM Windows 11 Pro. My job was to set it up for the executive director and have it ready for her. Out of the box, after the normal updates it failed to update to 11 22 H2. It also began blue screening. I updated ALL the BIOS updates, and all the other updates. I got it to semi-stable and loaded O365, logged her into the Azure domain, and loaded Teamviewer 64 bit. No matter what I did it continued blue screening over and over. I finally broke down and decided I would reinstall the OS. That failed. The machine is currently unuseable (as it cannot reinstall the OS and fails over and over again) and I will be shipping it back to Microsoft on Monday.
      • I have no idea of whether the Surface line is defective or whether this is an anomaly or something directly tied to 22H2. As I started out saying, I have a SP 9 and it’s been flawless since I bought it. No bluescreens. However, the laptops in my limited experience have been problematic. MSFT seems very willing to make things right but I must admit, I’ve worked on *hundreds* of machines in the last three years and have *never* experienced this kind of failure rate. I have setup HP laptops, Dell and Lenovo and all have been flawless. Older Surface laptops clients bought a few years ago were fine. But I’m worried that MSFT’s China mfg is failing somehow. The bluescreen situation is so unusual for me that I’m likely to steer buyers away from MSFT in the near term.  We will be getting a replacement for the Surface Studio laptop, so I’ll let you know how that goes.
      • Just wanted you and your readers to know.
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      UPDATE: Checking in with my client’s System Health for O365 it appears that AMD based Surface laptops are experiencing other issues as well, namely with Teams. This may have been the root issue with my 2020 I just sent back (see above post)

      Some Surface Laptop 4 users’ video may freeze when enabling their camera during Microsoft Teams meetings

      More info: Impact is specific to Surface Laptop 4 devices with AMD Central Processing Units (CPU).

      Current status: Our investigation has identified that a recent driver update for the Surface Laptop AMD video output contained a code error resulting in impact. We’re working to determine the underlying cause and develop a fix to prevent further impact.

      Scope of impact: Any user with a Surface Laptop 4 with AMD CPU may be impacted.

      Next update by: Friday, March 17, 2023, 2:00 PM (9:00 PM UTC)

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