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    I’ve updated the Master Patch List tonight for today’s releases. So far we’re tracking some side effects with Excel patches. I’ll also have a full wri
    [See the full post at: Master patch list for August 9, 2022]

    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      My computer is still running Windows 7, but I try to keep up with updates on my husband’s Windows 10 Home version 21H2.  Unfortunately there are a lot of things going on right now, so after letting it run the July updates last week, I got distracted and neglected to pause updates again.  This morning I saw the little icon indicating it wanted to restart.

      I crossed my fingers and restarted (after making sure his files were backed up).  As far as I can tell, everything went smoothly.  I printed a document, since printing issues have been such a problem, and it printed just fine.  And of course I made sure to pause updates.

      It is a shame that in their efforts to keep us “safe”, Microsoft has often caused so many problems.  A person shouldn’t feel fearful every time Patch Tuesday comes around.

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      A person shouldn’t feel fearful every time Patch Tuesday comes around.

      You can say that again.

      I can never recall ever feeling that way when applying Windows XP patches back in the good old days before there were so many variants of Windows in the wild and mass confusion and contradiction surrounding all of them.


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        With my deepest respect I think time lets us forget.  I’ve been tracking issues with patches for years and we had more issues with Windows XP than we do with Windows 10.  Back then it was even worse because we had blue screens of death.  You just didn’t have me warning you of them ahead of time 🙂

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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          I never experienced update problems with XP, probably because I would wait so long to apply them.  I suspect problems were fixed before I finally got around to it.

          I remember a few problems with Windows 7 updates, but was able to find help on the internet.  I will say I am extremely glad to have access to experts such as I find here to help us prevent problems, or solve them once we encounter them.  I am learning as much as I can for the time when my Windows 7 computer gives up and I will end up with a Windows 11 machine.

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      I’ve looked at the ‘Office Click to run’ section – specfically the lines for ‘Office 20xx Retail’ I wonder about some of the numbers there. See my attachment.


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        I’ll check tonight – by the time I’m doing the office updates my eyeballs are starting to cross.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Is it possible that the August updates to Win 10 Pro 64-bit v 21H2 are causing AnyDesk to go kablooey?

      I posted about it in these forums at


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      Microsoft has goofed badly with Windows 8.1 on August 2022 Patch Tuesday. A Service Stack Update KB5016264 was supplied AFTER the monthly updates. I have the care of a single Windows 8.1 system used by one of my wife’s sisters who reported to me that her laptop was seriously unwell. The lack of the service stack update broke her Windows 8.1 installation making it unusable and forcing me to backtrack to a four months old system backup and to reconstruct her working system as close as I could to as it was before August 2022 Patch Tuesday.

      There are so few Windows 8.1 users that it was probably hardly noticed in the wider world. Nonetheless, I expect that there are more than a few who are ruefully now trying to get life out of their busted Windows 8.1 system internals.

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        KB5016264 was actually the July Servicing Stack. It is the update for the Windows Update mechanism.

        I would more likely suspect KB5012170 to be the culprit (see “Known Issues”), as we have had several reports to that effect. Susan has recommended not installing it at this time. The Microsoft Support documents say:

        This security update makes improvements to Secure Boot DBX for the supported Windows versions listed in the “Applies to” section. Key changes include the following:

          • Windows devices that has Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) based firmware can run with Secure Boot enabled. The Secure Boot Forbidden Signature Database (DBX) prevents UEFI modules from loading. This update adds modules to the DBX.

            A security feature bypass vulnerability exists in secure boot. An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability might bypass secure boot and load untrusted software.

            This security update addresses the vulnerability by adding the signatures of the known vulnerable UEFI modules to the DBX.

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        • #2470616

          I had to disable ‘SecureBoot’ in the BIOS on an HP/zBook in order for KB5012170 to install w/o error. After installed, was able to re-enable ‘SecureBoot’.

          Also had to disable SecureBoot on a MS Surface which got an cert error at boot/unable to install August Win updates. Again, SecureBoot was the cause.

      • #2469959

        KB5016264 was the SSU offered in July. It may or may not have been offered through Windows Update; I don’t remember what the criteria are for it being offered. On my 2 8.1 systems I always have to download and install the latest SSU from the MS Catalog. There is not usually an SSU released every month for 8.1

        Edit – Sorry PK, I was typing while you posted. Your explanation is better than mine.

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      I ran into a problem with the Aug. updates on my last Win8.1 Pro installation in a Parallels VM on an Intel i7 Ivy Bridge Mac Mini running up-to-date Catalina. I had installed the July SSU KB5016057 in July, so it was already in place.

      I hid the Security update KB5012170. The install list included MSRT, KB5016681 Aug Rollup, and KB5016740 .Net Framework Rollup.

      MSRT ran, then the attempt to install KB5016681 failed with the message “Try again,” which I did (I didn’t see/record any error code). Then KB5016681 and KB5016740 installed taking a longer than usual amount of time. After the reboot, the Task Manager also ran with high CPU for an extended amount of time.

      Considering it was a VM, I decided to see if I could reproduce the problem. I trashed the VM and replaced it with a backup done on 8/5. This time I did not hide KB5012170. Ithe install included it as well as MSRT, the Rollup, and the .NET Rollup. Again, the install took an unusual amount of time, followed by extended high CPU usage after the reboot. But all the updates installed apparently successfully.

      I had not installed Security update KB5012170 on my two other Win8.1 installations, and it will remain hidden on them at this time. Those installations took longer than usual but didn’t seem to run into any problems. One of them is my main Windows driver for daily use.

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      I picked up on an audio issue with KB5015878 (Aug. preview patch for Win10) which prompted a KIR that if I understand it, needs to be deployed prior to the actual Aug. patch, KB5016616. It’s buried down in the known issues section of the patch.


      Neowin post on this:  https://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-shares-workarounds-for-broken-audio-on-windows-10-after-kb5015878/

      I’ll be rolling this KIR out (first one for us) prior to deploying KB5016616.  Anyone run into audio issues with either of these patches?  I saw at least one other post out there related to this but it hasn’t be picked up and listed a known issue in the patch list…so maybe it’s not too big of a deal?

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