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    Anyone know of, or use, a good search engine script for a site that will catalog MP3 files? For the record, these are not MP3 cuts of copy-protected music — similar purpose, quite different content.

    I’ve spent some time hunting the web for something that can be integrated into an existing website, but so far have not come up with anything that I can test without first installing it. I’m trying to avoid writing a custom script if at all possible (no need to reinvent the wheel).

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      Hi Mark,

      Not sure if this will do what you have in mind but have you seen Sphider. I’ve used it on a couple of sites and it works better than what I had, sorry I can’t remember what that was!

      Chris (Hunt)

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        It’s close, but not quite what I need. Whatever solution I end up with must index MP3 files at the very least. I’m hoping to find something that will read metadata from MP3 tags as well, but that’s not a requirement.

        If it helps to understand the application, the intent is to make production audio bits available through a web interface. You search for a phone call, a sound effect, etc., and the results show any matching files, most of which will be in MP3 format.

        Nonetheless, I like this script, and I’ll be checking it out for other uses. Thanks!

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