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    Every morning when I wake up I look into my Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Android 13 smartphone to see what is running in memory other than the usual stuff required by the OS and Samsung but not showing as an open app. Occasionally I find something called Meta Services running in memory, but there is no service or app listed in the applications and services list by that name. Of course, since it is a Samsung smartphone with Google, it came with the Facebook app which cannot be deleted by the user. Every Samsung device (tablet or smartphone) that I have ever had came with the Facebook app. But the first thing I do when I first turn on the device is to clear the Facebook app cache, clear all permissions, force stop the app and disable it; and I check periodically to ensure that it remains that way. Obviously this application called Meta Services got on my smartphone somehow, perhaps from Google Services or Samsung, and is running in the background occasionally on its own. But it is not showing or being listed anywhere on the phone that I have access to. A Google search suggests that it is benign and merely collecting advertising and marketing data to keep the Facebook app updated. But the Facebook app is disabled and force-stopped with all its cache and permissions cleared (Samsung won’t let you delete it and calls it a system app). How did Meta Services get on my phone and how do I permanently get rid of it?


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        I looked through that link and read much of it, and then looked at my phone again. The Facebook app on my phone is still disabled with all permissions and cache cleared and force stopped/disabled. It only occupies 106 kb of storage space and hasn’t used any memory (zero) since the last battery recharge. It’s disabled. But one person on that link you referenced said he found Meta Services running on his phone and he doesn’t even have the Facebook app installed on that phone. I searched every where on my phone for Meta Services and can’t find it referenced anywhere under any permissions. I still cannot figure out how something that I have never given my consent to nor agreed to has been allowed to run on my smartphone and use valuable processing resources and battery without my consent.


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          It might also be Facebook’s Messenger app that automatically installed onto your phone. That’s Meta controlled and managed so it could possibly be hidden in the system. Just a guess.

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      Caveat emptor: I am NOT a tech expert in this area.

      Anyway, for what it’s worth, I had the same problem with my Samsung S10lite running Android 13.

      If you read the suggested solutions in the article cited above, uninstalling all updates of facebook, etc. (even if they’re already disabled) is mentioned. This was the magic bullet in my case.

      If I remember right, this was done by clicking the three vertical dots at the top right of the app’s screen. You’re warned that this will set the app back to its factory defaults or whatever, but I took the plunge.

      Having done this, two (I think) Meta entries suddenly appeared among the list of services (or whatever) that hadn’t been there previously, and I was able to disable them. I haven’t seen any mention of meta on my phone since. Having said this, I just received the January security update yesterday (26Jan23), and maybe I still have a surprise in store.

      Hmmm, …in re-reading this, I see it’s not a very precise solution, but it’s the best I can extract from my memorybank at the moment. Sorry.

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      I have several Google Android devices running on the latest, pure, Google Android and none have that App installed So it is likely part of the Samsung package.  Several articles on the net mention it’s a partnership with Samsung.  On some Samsung phones, you agree to the conditions {data aggregation} during the phone setup and use.

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      Open apps in settings.

      My cheap Samsung says Your apps and there is a check/tick and 3 unequal lines to the far right. Tap that and toggle on Show system apps.

      Scroll through that list to find Meta Services app and disable it.


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      Meta app basically tracks your activity and serves you the best content based on your interests.

      The main function of this app is to keep track of your activity. This feature automatically updates Facebook and Messenger without interfering with your experience.


      You can read more from here- https://www.bugswave.com/what-is-meta-services-app/


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