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    Some surprising, but amusing, bit of news:



    If you’re worried that artificial intelligence is getting too smart, talking to Meta’s AI chatbot might make you feel better.

    Launched on Friday, BlenderBot is a prototype of Meta’s conversational AI, which, according to Facebook’s parent company, can converse on nearly any topic. On the demo website, members of the public are invited to chat with the tool and share feedback with developers. The results thus far, writers at Buzzfeed and Vice have pointed out, have been rather interesting.

    Asked about Mark Zuckerberg, the bot told BuzzFeed’s Max Woolf that “he is a good businessman, but his business practices are not always ethical. It is funny that he has all this money and still wears the same clothes!”

    The bot has also made clear that it’s not a Facebook user, telling Vice’s Janus Rose that it had deleted its account after learning about the company’s privacy scandals. “Since deleting Facebook my life has been much better,” it said.

    More on this interesting story, here:


    Your own thoughts on this are welcome.

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      * _ the metaverse is poisonous _ *
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      After reading these revelations, I went next door to my neighbors house and they allowed me to use their Facebook account to have a chat with one of those AI Chatbots.  Here is a transcipt of that ‘conversation.’

      CT: Is Facebook/Meta afraid that the same laws passed by the EU will impede Zuck’s grand plan to make everything revolve around Facebook and his Meta empire?

      BOT: Not really. We have tens of millions of dollars earmarked to assist political leaders in the House and Senate to make decisions that best serve the interest of Facebook shareholders.

      CT: ‘Assist?’ How so?

      BOT: Many politicians use Facebook as a platform for their campaigns and general public awareness. These politicians know that the free service they use now could be monetized and Meta could assess all political office-holders and candidates, along with all federal, state, county and local government agencies a substantial monthly fee for their Facebook/Meta presence if they vote for legislation that causes undue financial burdens to us.

      CT: What about commercial businesses?

      BOT: We are currently assessing that situation. We feel that many businesses, especially small businesses who are just barely hanging on, are too cheap to publish their own website. Instead, they use Facebook/Meta because it’s free. Any loss of advertising revenue may result in Meta charging a nominal fee on all businesses and commercial users —– large and small. After all, if they’re making money on us, we should make money on them.

      CT: Is it true that Meta is working closely with the federal government, specifically, the Department of Defense on refining AI for military and national security purposes?

      BOT: It is long-established within our ecosystem that the Metaverse can be an integral partner with the DoD to provide V/R training to specialized military forces, powered by AI of course, which exponentially increases the realism of simulations, and our revenue stream. At Meta, we’re proud to say that we are partners in our nations defense, and that if the U.S government does anything to further regulate us, we’ll just charge more for our services since much of the Pentagon’s ‘black budget’ dollars are going into our bank accounts.

      CT: Are the rumors true that Facebook/Meta has considered charging individual users a small monthly fee to continue accessing Facebook?

      BOT: Well, our research has shown that hundreds of millions of people around the world are hopelessly addicted to our digital social platform. We are certain that a vast majority of Facebook/Meta users will pay any price to have the ability to reach out to family and friends using Facebook/Meta instead of picking up the phone and having an intimate conversation.  But at this time, we don’t want to rock the boat because we’re deathly afraid our beloved shareholders would abandon us.

      "War is the remedy our enemies have chosen. And I say let us give them all they want" ----- William T. Sherman

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        It’s almost an exiting novel , but I will keep reading the traditional literature 🌷

        * _ the metaverse is poisonous _ *
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