• Metered Win10 Home 1703 still holding against Feature Updates


    Today, May 26, Windows Update tried twice to install “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803,” but “Failed to install.”

    I am surprised that the Feature Update reappeared after it was previously hidden with WuShowHide. I was able to hide it again, though.

    Still holding off the forced updates with a metered connection. It is more annoying than previously, as OneDrive now pauses automatic folder syncing due to the metered setting.

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      just run wushowhide before running windows update.

      Just someone who don't want Windows to mess with its computer.
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        I did not run Windows Update. It is set to mamanual updates.

        The computer was sitting there, logged in to a non-admin user account, with a window saying, your computer cannot get the latest updates until you upgrade to the newest version, but there was a problem with upgrading. (Not in those exact words, but essentially the message I remember.)

        I went to WUShowHide and hid the Feature Update. Then I looked at update history and it showed two failed attempts to install the Feature Update to 1803 on Saturday.

        These update attempts happened with Windows Update not set to automatic and I did not start it.

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        Today (May 27) I checked the other Win10 Home 1703 machine, a 2016 Lenovo desktop (My OP was about an 8-year-old HP desktop).

        The Update History showed eight attempts to install Feature Update to 1803, six of them yesterday and two today. All attempts failed to install.

        I hid the Feature Update and other nonsecurity updates with WuShowHide. When I turned off the metered connection, Windows Update was trying to install KB4102731 (2018-05 Cumulative Update for Win10 v1703 x64). This KB does not appear in WuShowHide and nothing comes up on AskWoody when I search for KB4102731.

        I wonder if M$ is issuing updates that WuShowHide cannot find.

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          I have installed KB4103731 (that’s a 3not 2) Win10 1703 CU build 15063.1088 from 5/8 on three machines without a problem – the last one yesterday.

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            Yes, that’s the one I meant! Fumble fingers on my phone got the wrong KB number.

            I wonder why it passes under the WuShowHide radar…

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        Meanwhile, after a few hours of yardwork, I went inside and discovered the Lenovo not only installed the security updates, but also had installed Version 1709 behind my back. That’s what happens when I leave the connection unmetered for a couple hours. Interestingly, this does not happen on the old HP desktop.

        I will restore it to the previous version 1703, just because. I had to do this once before, in March. I am tempted to leave 1709 on there, but why?

        As soon as 1703 is restored, the metered connection is getting turned on and this PC is grounded!

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          Good PC design always includes a path allowing static charges to drain off to a local ground plain.

          Oh, you meant restricted liberty as a punishment for bad behavior. Sorry, could not resist a bad nerd pun attempt. I’ll see my way out» «chased by bear»

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      @Latka this may be of some help to you as this happened couple of days ago.
      I too have a Win10 Home machine here running as metered as well as my normal Win10pro. It seems to keep it (the upgrade) at bay for a while. Just toying with an idea about running WUMT as a scheduled task at “boot time” purely as a reminder to either run and check then I can hide the errant update. It means, possibly, shutting down my machine or Hibernating it between user sessions. As you can see from the link its entirely possible that M$ are reissuing or superceding each upgrade request to prevent people from hiding it, but as I said WUMT does occasionally show some discrepancies, but on all 3? Hmmm.

      As for metered its a bit of a pain with OneDrive as it is with connecting to an exchange server but its a small price to pay compared with an upgrade. If you run an 1803 Machine(s), like we have at work,on a Home network your probably not going to like this Its a bit of a long “mini thread” but eventually it got fixed.

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