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    I’m sure many of you are breathing a sigh of relief. The COVID-19 situation doesn’t look good, especially in the Seattle area, and MS has officially c
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      Because once you have people in the conference room, it becomes very difficult for them to leave if the presenter and/or material is boring or trivial.  With an on-line conference, they can either close the feed or just walk away from their computer. And no one is the wiser…


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      Microsoft cancels MVP Summit due to COVID-19 coronavirus fears

      By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft
      March 2, 2020 — 20:57 GMT (12:57 PST)

      “Microsoft won’t be holding its annual Most Valuable Professional Summit in the Seattle area later this month due to fears of the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus.”



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      Woody: “Always wondered why the computer industry, of all groups, would have physical get-togethers.

      A good question. Physical get-togethers at conferences allow for side-meetings and for person-on-person meetings: that is when deals are made and issues of mutual interest are discussed, discreetly and in appropriately discreet settings. So I suspect (not being in any way a member of it) that is why even the computer trade has them, here and there, at regular intervals. There is more than meets the eye of the casual participant to such meetings. (Pun intended.)

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      OscarCP has a valid point… & actually, the MVP Summit isn’t cancelled. Just the face-to-face meetings. Presentations will still be made, speeches by M$ & prominent MVP’s will still be given. Will Micro$oft think of chat rooms for people to gather… online and/or in VR? We’ll see, I hope…

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      So now we all become Bubble Boy for a while and maybe telepresence is actually going to be the next killer application where  Pepper the ROBOT wanders about sporting the big names/faces of the industry on that interactive display but only with Bots showing Bots the latest and greatest on the show floor. But more than likely that show floor is also in Cyberspace and Pepper in not needed as much as just some Web Cameras from headquarters/home and folks mostly sealed away until the vaccine is developed.

      Pepper could still get some usage even if that’s some warehouse impromptu studio where there is loads of different product offerings to peruse and not enough time  to get every products 3D virtual reality representation vetted and made available.

      A lot of the PC/Computer enthusiasts websites have reporters that do factory tours so their readers/viewers can see how some manufacturer’s products are made.  And those factory tours are now being postponed as well. But maybe  telepresence and some actual ROBOT avatar wandering the factory floor and some reporters in their VR headsets back home and Pepper/other  ROBOT taking the factory tour. I’d want that Boston Dynamics Spot and that boom attachment that’s makes it like a long neck giraffe only with nice high res camera/lights, and microphone/speaker, attached as the head.  The airlines sure must be taking a hit as well as the trade show companies/workers and hotels/Hotel employees, cab drivers, etc.

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      Y’know we introverts are going to have to check up on the extroverts if everyone gets made to stay home for an extended period…


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