• Microsoft Deepens Its Commitment to IoT


    Microsoft Deepens Its Commitment to IoT

    Posted on April 20, 2017 by Brad Sams in Cloud Computing

    From the article published on http://www.petri.com:
    “[Microsoft} has announced today IoT Central which is a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that will help reduce the complexity of the wide variety of IoT solutions.

    In addition to IoT Central, Microsoft is introducing a new pre-configured solution in the Azure IoT Suite, Connected factory.

    Microsoft is working to position itself as a complete solutions vendor for the growing segment of IoT devices. These new sensors are being placed in everything from elevators to factory floors are creating huge streams of data that need to be analyzed in near-real time to extract the full value of these devices and Microsoft wants Azure to be the hub of those pipelines.

    Currently, this product is in private testing but it will be rolling out to new users over the coming months.”

    Read more here.

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      From the article:

      “Microsoft is working to position itself as a complete solutions vendor for the growing segment of IoT devices.”

      A complete vendor for solutions to problems that don’t exist.  Wonderful!

      I sure am glad MS is innovating by writing an operating system for toasters and crock pots instead of doing something boring and uninspired, like committing to creating an OS people will actually want to use on the still-relevant (much more than an internet-enabled toaster!) platform that built MS into the giant it is today.

      This is the kind of silliness that has the investors all excited about how MS is being innovative now.  Apparently, the sillier the idea, the more “innovative” is is, and when it comes to the stock of a company pitching such an idea, that means buy! Buy! Buy!

      Does that sound anything like the dotcom bubble to anyone else?  All you had to do was to have an idea that somehow involved the internet and a mailing address, and investors would line up to throw money at you.  A lot of people got rich selling their empty companies to investors for exorbitant sums, even though those companies had never sold anything, produced anything, or done anything.  A few standouts emerged from that era, but the wayside was littered with failed startups and disappointment.

      Dumb ideas don’t stop being dumb just because a huge company is behind them instead of a small company.

      As long as MS is flying high by being stupid, they’ve got no reason to reconsider the destructive path they’re on regarding Windows.


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      On the one hand, I am very glad that someone (Microsoft) is apparently trying to provide a secure operating environment for these IoT devices, because right now there is little to none.

      On the other hand, the amount of data that Microsoft will have by managing these devices is exponentially more than they currently have.

      Microsoft is taking a big leap forward in the race to see who can manage (i.e. own) the most data.

      Since IoT is not going away, I suppose it’s better to have these devices managed in a secure environment than not.

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        Like the W10 fridges and freezers? You have got to be kidding. They are no more secure than any other IOT appliance out there. That includes juicers, coffee makers, kettles, washing machines, TVs and you nae it.

        W10 IOTCore is about securing market dominance. Not securing IOT devices.

        Microsoft is doing what it has always done when influencing standards. They form a group of companies that have a common purpose re: IOT, and submit a set of standards that benefit themselves – those being primarily proprietary. They then flog them as international standards.

        Evidence: look at MS Office

        Source: http://techrights.org/2017/03/13/remarkable-admission-ooxml/

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