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  • Microsoft Justify Telemetry

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    …Zero Trust architecture

    Learnings from the past two years refined our Zero Trust architecture to emphasize the critical importance of
    integrating policy enforcement and automation, threat intelligence, and threat protection across security pillars.
    These integrated elements act upon telemetry across every pillar to inform decisions with real-time signals…

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      Telemetry is not a bad thing when handled correctly.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      The following discovery caused me to have a lot of trust for Microsoft on this issue:

      * I browse the web using Firefox, with the NoScript extension running. NoScript allows me to see what is running (or trying to run) in the background. On 99.99% of the websites I visit (including my banks’ websites), Google scripts are running quietly in the background, undoubtedly gathering as much information as they can. However, I rarely if ever see any Microsoft scripts running in the background. (One time I saw scripts running.)

      I concluded from the above that, unlike Google, Microsoft doesn’t make their money from spying on everyone; they make it by selling products and services.

      I therefore trust Microsoft on the telemetry issue.

      Google, on the other hand, is another issue…

      Group "L" (Linux Mint)
      with Windows 8.1 running in a VM
    • #2418307

      This may be a dumb question(s) and it may be getting off topic, but @MrJimPhelps is running either Linux Mint or Win 8.1, and Firefox. Where and how does Google get into the mix? Does Google have a deal with Firefox(Mozilla), or with Linux Mint, or with Win 8.1 (Microsoft), or with almost every site @MrJimPhelps visits, that allows them to scrape up data either for free or for a fee paid to these various entities? If I was to read through the fine print about privacy that these entities provide, would it be apparent that they have a deal with Google?

      • #2418346

        As I understand it, each web site decides which scripts they want running on their own website; I don’t think the browser or the operating system has any influence on that issue. The reason I mentioned Firefox is because with Firefox, I can run NoScript, and NoScript is what lets me see what is running in the background (and also block or allow any or all of it). And the reason I mentioned Google was simply to compare them to Microsoft, because as far as information gathering (spying), Google is at one end of the bell curve (they have their scripts running on just about all websites), and Microsoft is at the other end (they run their scripts only on their own websites).

        Group "L" (Linux Mint)
        with Windows 8.1 running in a VM
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    • #2418359

      I therefore trust Microsoft on the telemetry issue

      Google’s scripts are installed/used in web pages, Microsoft telemetry is part of Windows OS and has nothing to do with your browsing the web… (it is worse in Windows 10/11)

      ..Windows Update, Web Content, Digital Certificates, Auto Root Update, Windows Media Digital Rights Management, Windows Media Player, Malicious Software Removal/Clean On Upgrade, Network Connectivity Status Icon, Windows Time Service, and the IPv6 Network Address Translation (NAT) Traversal service (Teredo) are the features and services that collect and deliver data to Microsoft from Windows Vista. By using any of these items, you agree to share your information with the Redmond Company. Microsoft says that users have the possibility to disable or not use the features and services altogether. But at the same time Windows update is crucial to the security of Windows Vista, so turning it off is not really an option, is it?..

      Activation, Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), Device Manager, Driver Protection, Dynamic Update, Event Viewer, File Association Web Service, Games Folder, Error Reporting for Handwriting Recognition, Input Method Editor (IME), Installation Improvement Program, Internet Printing, Internet Protocol version 6 Network Address Translation Traversal, Network Awareness (somewhat), Parental Controls, Peer Name Resolution Service, Plug and Play, Plug and Play Extensions, Program Compatibility Assistant, Program Properties-Compatibility Tab, Program Compatibility Wizard, Properties, Registration, Rights Management Services (RMS) Client, Update Root Certificates, Windows Control Panel, Windows Help, Windows Mail (only with Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, or MSN Mail) and Windows Problem Reporting are the main features and services in Windows Vista that collect and transmit user data to Microsoft…

      and the list goes on.

    • #2418400

      Can I ask what the issue people have with all this data collection? I see many people saying it’s bad (or worse) but I can’t remember any reason given, other than it’s bad (or worse).

      Every day is the dawn of a new error

      • #2418404

        Targeted advertising may be sufficient evidence that what is collected is being re-sold.

        • #2418405

          There is no evidence that Microsoft resells any data.

          Windows 10 Pro version 21H2 build 19044.1503 + Microsoft 365 (group ASAP)

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          • #2418406

            Microsoft is not the only collector. The question was ….”with all this data collection?”

        • #2418418

          I don’t get any targeted ads from either. And I have both and MS account and a Google account.

          Every day is the dawn of a new error

      • #2418409

        Some people think that any telemetry is an invasion of privacy. Microsoft says it does not routinely collect personal data. Some personal data may be included in some diagnostics. Microsoft says it does not retain this data nor does it sell any diagnostic data. There are privacy settings concerning personalization that any user may set. One of the issues with Windows is that there is a myriad of privacy settings. It can be confusing to figure out which setting does what.

        I think it is important to remember that Google still derives a huge percentage, still around 80%, of its revenue from advertising. Microsoft derives its revenue from software and services. Yes, Microsoft has advertising revenue. Yes, Microsoft uses some data to make personalized recommendations if you allow it. But the vast majority of data collected by Microsoft is used to improve product reliability and features.



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    • #2418432

      But the vast majority of data collected by Microsoft is used to improve product reliability and features.

      And whether that actually happens is open to debate.  🙂

      cheers, Paul

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    • #2418446

      Microsoft says it does not retain this data nor does it sell any diagnostic data.

      Microsoft says it does share the data collected with affiliated 3rd parties. Do you know who they are and what they do with your data ?

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