• Microsoft has posted official ISOs of Buile 15063 – sure to be Win10 Creators Update, version 1703

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    Although the web site says you have to be a registered Windows Insider, in fact that doesn’t appear to be a requirement. As you’ve read, I strongly re
    [See the full post at: Microsoft has posted official ISOs of Buile 15063 – sure to be Win10 Creators Update, version 1703]

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      Yep sure to be months of bugs being worked out for sure. Only test PC will get it for now.

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      The site you listed would not let me proceed further until I became a Windows Insider (not that I want to be), and sent me to a sign-up page.  I guess they can tell if you are a Windows Insider (or maybe because I am still using Windows 8.1) 🙂


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        Click on “Software Downloads” at the top of the page, then on Windows 10 on the second page

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          Nope, doesn’t work for me.  I see no software downloads link, just the link Woody posted.

          I am using Windows 8.1 and I was just curious.  I don’t really want to GWX, especially after all this time avoiding it  :), and to answer the other poster, I don’t want to become a Windows Insider.

          Thanks for your interest, appreciate it.


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            The above link is for the site Woody listed.

            There is no GWX anymore.
            The link was for an ISO. It does not automatically install anything.
            An ISO is a compressed file used to make an install DVD or USB Flash Drive.

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              “There is no GWX anymore.”

              I know that.  I  used it (jokingly) as an acronym.  As for the site, I saw nothing that could be downloaded, unless I signed up to be a Windows Insider (which I don’t want to be).

              I don’t want to download Windows 10, I was only curious about the link and the site.

              If I did want to download Windows 10, I could download it at the Microsoft Store, but it is an old build (240, I think).  However, after days (weeks?, months?) of updates, I assume I would eventually get the Creators Update, hopefully without bricking my computer :).


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        I just downloaded as a ISO and mounted it in Windows Explorer and performed the upgrade.  Not on a critical PC minds you, one I already use for beta’s and early releases. Not going to get Creator any sooner than I have too on critical PC’s. You know there is going to be bugs to work out of some kind! Its inevitable.

        PS signing up for being an insider is no big deal anyway. You can sign up get your download and opt out again. It’s mainly for tracking your bug reports anyway which is why your register.

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      I’ve been working on and off all day to get a successful upgrade to my Win 10 version 1607 (build 14393.969) setup. Initially I installed a fresh, clean “preserve only my documents” type of config, and that worked okay.

      I found out that I needed a new version of VMware tools in VMware Workstation 11 before I could use anything beyond the default display driver, which provides displays only up to 1152 x 864 pixels.

      So far I’ve managed to get to what looks like a reasonably stable “upgrade”. Now I’m working through all the tweaks I usually rely upon, many of which were undone. MAN, this thing is bloated with uselessware by default!

      I’m down from 105 processes running to 93 at the moment to support an otherwise empty desktop (version 1607 needed only 41).


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      Got a hold of the Win10Prox64 ver 15063 from this web site its linked off Gunter Born’s Web site (check it out its a wealth of info)  http://borncity.com/win/2017/03/29/windows-10-build-15063-isos-and-upgrade-wizard-available/ and of course the link to the .ISO’s   https://tb.rg-adguard.net/index.php?lang=en   (Theyre fine nothing shady all linked to Microsoft’s Tech Bench) It seems like Donna Sankar doesent seem to mind the wholesale leaking going on 🙂

      First impressions strangely doesent seem as buggy as the 1607 “Roll out” last year every thing works as billed, still unable to try the brand new update settings, probably all to soon as I think in 2 weeks we have another “Traumatic Tuesday” coming up. For those on Pro and above the gpedit.msc settings/rules has a little surprise  https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/minimal-install-of-win10-creators-update/  not sure what to make of the wording (see link illus. under @NoelCarboni’s post)  so far its still behaving as the old 1607 gpedit version but curious wording never the less.

      As per 1607 Ver. the block driver GPEDIT policy seems not to work on drivers for setup, but I am assuming, after that it will block drivers same as 1607. (Hopefully)

      If your not a gamer then its easy to strip out XBOX & other unwanted wanted apps get on over to the “Windows Club” (the link escapes me for now) or if your a “Black Belt” in Power Shell or if the remove app button isnt greyed out they can be taken out without any issues.

      Edge got a little better (not much) It now imports favourites not in to a folder but actually in to full display when you browse Favourites. “Ahhh! good” you cry, well not so fast for some reason it turned half my favourites “Favicons” in to the (GB) Gunter Born’s web site Favicons (maybe Gunter has a secret connection at M$ ? 🙂 )

      Groove plays tunes with the controls that actually remain on the “Lock Screen” beyond the 1st album, which due to the erratic nature of removing (yes I have tried a few gpedit, winaero tweaker, registry keys etc) I have to reluctantly accept. Sounds like @NoelCarboni (above) is delving under the hood, I will too when I get a bit of time.

      Ohh and because its an Insider version you can hit the store and download all the free apps you need without using an M$ account, which should molify the privacy folks out there. Havent checked out the M$ mail yet so to use that youll need an Acc.

      As for the gpedit telemetry settings not checked yet but its likely looking at the network traffic not much is happening so should be working although @Noel seems to report more traffic/processes.

      Have fun!! OBTW @Woody’s advice still stands I did this on a “Native Boot” VHD with no M$ account i.e. “Local Account,” & Network off (to set gpedit policies etc before connecting, and presumably ringing home to M$) to check everything from the install for future problems/back up media. I wouldnt advise running it on a “Live Version” yet unless your brave or have a good backup or both.

      So “no Partitions or current installed OS’s were harmed during this procedure” AKA test run 😉


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