• Microsoft is checking everyone’s bags for unsupported Office installs

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    Some may want to miss out on this sneaky piece of  Microsoft spyware masquerading as an update KB5021751…
    Link to the report >>>

    This article is featured in ‘The Register’, plus at the end of the article are a dozen or so reports on some other new Microsoft issues of particular interest is the item relating to Windows 11
    >>>>>> Gonna run System Restore in Windows 11? Microsoft says some of its apps won’t…

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      This update is intended to help Microsoft identify the number of users running out-of-support (or soon to be out-of-support) versions of Office, including Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007. This update will run one time silently without installing anything on the user’s device.

      source: kb5021751

      Thanks, Now added to our patch avoidance list

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      I run Office 2007, it does everything I need. However, I found that if I uninstall Internet Explorer, Outlook will not send and receive. I’ve tried everything I can think of, the only way to have email was to re-install Internet Explorer.
      I suspect they’re wondering how many of us (Read: Companies, their bread and butter) won’t have email in 2 weeks.

      You know…I read everything MS offered up regarding what was in the update before I ran it on my PC, most MS write-ups only specifically mentioned 2 things in it, right after stating it contained “numerous” fixes. After another 15 minutes of searching I finally found a list of about a dozen other updates and fixes, not one of them mentioned this office issue.


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        I would have thought that it’s no big deal to have Internet Explorer installed, just ignore it exists, don’t use it and use Edge / Google / Firefox or ‘the newish kid on the block’, Brave instead. Is there a specific reason for you to want it gone?
        I’m not aware that there are any software system ties or reliance between Office 2007 and Internet Explorer.
        Up to 4 years back I had Office 2007 Enterprise Edition running for 10+ years or so on a ThinkPad and I had also binned out Internet Explorer in favour of Firefox (with Edge as a backup browser). I had no issue with IE removed and Office 2007 Enterprise Edn. running.
        May be 2007 Enterprise Edn. is immune to not having IE in the background.
        If removing IE accidentally messes up your version of Office 2007 may be you are using the Professional or Home Edition either of which could well have a different system achitecture structure.

        If you are bold enough to try it you could remove IE and then run the Office Repair Tool and see how that goes.
        Having said all of that, then in your situation I would be inclined to completely ignore that IE exists and of course never use it, and just carry on regardless if everything runs smoothly.

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      I found that if I uninstall Internet Explorer

      Internet Explorer can’t be uninstalled only disabled.
      Windows uses Internet Explorer for various tasks

      Even Microsoft dare not uninstall Internet Explorer.

      Microsoft to Permanently Disable Internet Explorer 11 in February 2023

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      Seems will have to disconnect Windows 10 from Internet or not install any updates after February.

      I need my IE11. Edge is very bad browser.

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