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  • Microsoft Office Mac 15.24 Update

    Posted on Nathan Parker Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

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     Nathan Parker 2 months ago.

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      Nathan Parker

      For those who have Microsoft Office for Mac set to automatically update, if you’re seeing all new icons for your Microsoft Office apps, it’s because Office Mac has updated to 15.24. I’m chatting with Microsoft to see if I can get any documentation on what’s new in Office Mac 15.24 (besides the icon refresh), plus if there are any issues you need to know if you’re not set to automatic updates so if you need to wait on updating.

      Nathan Parker

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      AskWoody Plus

      Nathan Parker, thanks for trying to get that information about the patches for the Mac version of Office.

      Right now, I have Office 2016 in the MacBook Pro (running Mojave, but this is valid also for Sierra and (I believe) High Sierra) set to “Automatically check”, which means “Do just that and nothing else”, so it excludes both downloading and installing. Then it is up to me to follow the daily pop-up with the advice that there are updates available for me waiting to install, so I have to choose to either “Install” them, or “Decline” to do so right now.

      At the moment, with no reliable information on the Mac Office patches, I keep on declining the invitation to patch until about the time when I patch my Office 10 version in Windows 7, usually some three weeks after Patch Tuesday, unless there are known good reasons that month for patching earlier or later than that the Windows version.

      I suspect that the Office for Macs team is doing a better job than its Windows counterpart, so it may be safe to install those patches earlier than I do, but that is just an impression I have.

      Also I have found useful to fish out from the “Applications” folder the icon of “Microsoft AutoUpdate” (a circle with a green arrow on top and the four primary-color squares of the Windows’ flag inside) and pin it to the dock. That way I can both check for updates by clicking on it and also start updating, if I am ready to do that. Otherwise, one has to start updates by opening, let’s say, “Word”, there open “Help” and then “Check for updates”. The problem with this is that, once it starts, it will update all the Office applications, except for Word, because it is open. One then has to close it from the black apple menu “force closing”, or from the dock. Then one has to start the whole procedure just for “Word”, by opening some other Office application (already updated), or by restarting the machine. All of which I find messy and rather annoying. Better and more direct, I think, is to use the pinned icon on the dock.

      One exception as to when I apply patches is the patching of AutoUpdate itself. It shows up earlier than the other patches and I have found that it may have to be installed before the other Office patches, otherwise those might not get installed.

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      Nathan Parker

      Microsoft sent me this, but it doesn’t seem to be updated yet:

      In terms of Office updates, 99% of the time I haven’t had too many issues with Office updates on Mac, but I did have one update once that horrendously mucked with the Office 365 license and would de-activate itself every time I restarted my Office apps. It’s the main reason I don’t use Word for “mission critical” documents, so not enabling automatic updates is a good idea as well.

      I agree adding AutoUpdate to your dock is a handy way to check for updates. Great suggestion! It’s far faster than digging through the menus. You can also set AutoUpdate to automatically appear every so often to prompt you to install updates as well should you want it.

      Nathan Parker

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      AskWoody Plus

      Nathan Parker,

      My guess is that the link you have provided in your last entry will be good for checking Release Notes for some time to come, meaning that the releases might come and go, but the link will stay the same. Right?

      I hope that, among the improvements brought by these latest patches described in that Website, besides changing the looks of the applications’ icons, the developers at Redmond might have also put back the little thingy they forgot last time to include in the ribbon of Excel, that one like a little arrowhead one clicked on for changing the font from regular to either superscript or subscript. As it is, one has to press Ctrl+1, something that most people have had to spend hours before discovering this simple trick, rooting around in the Web and, much worse, also listening to hours of YouTube videos presented by people that are usually very long-winded and often depressingly upbeat, with some poor choice of loud background music and frequently very hard to understand, because of their habit of sticking pebbles or potatoes in their mouths. True, the famed Greek orator Demosthenes did that (with pebbles: there were no potatoes in Europe at that time) — but that was to improve his enunciation while practicing by himself, at the seaside, trying to speak so clearly that he could be heard and understood by people some distance away, above a roaring surf — not during his actual speeches. (He also was trying to overcome with such practice a serious speech impediment he suffered from.) But we have obviously made much progress since his days, as seen and heard in YouTube.



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      Nathan Parker

      I believe so on the link. It looks like this is where they store all the release notes for future versions of Office Mac.

      Hopefully they’ve brought the feature back as well, and when they do, I hope they’ll actually document it so we know about it.

      Nathan Parker

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