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    The last few weeks I’m seeing that Microsoft Password Manger in Edge is having what seems to be false notifications on passwords potently being compromised.

    Almost every time I signup as new user to a site, I get a warning when accessing that site.  This happens within 10-20 seconds after creating the new account. And these are NOT sites likely to have been hacked, IE – askwoody.com, (for reference- not actual). This seems suspect.

    This can happen with any one of 4 email accounts that I enter for the user info.

    Tested by using other account/password checkers for my account(s) being hacked. They show nothing for that account.  That makes Microsoft’s Password Manager checker, even more suspect.

    Given Microsoft’s history of glitches, not sure where to lay the fault. Though it does seem to happen more often since MS Password Manager started auto-filling the password field in new account signups. Even though I do not use the suggested password.

    Don’t know if this is the correct forum for this. Searched all forums and didn’t see any relevant info.

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      And these are NOT sites likely to have been hacked, IE – askwoody.com, (for reference- not actual). This seems suspect.

      It only checks username/password pairs leaked anywhere and then reused anywhere — it’s not site specific.

      If you don’t want to change a password, you can add it to an ignore list:

      Protect your online accounts using Password Monitor

      If you never want to use suggested strong passwords you can turn that off.

      Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.2361 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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      Edge had been updated several times in the last couple months. I suspected something had been changed. Was not sure where to start.

      That username/password combo was the key. Didn’t realize that by reusing that combo myself on more than one website, it would be flagged as a “possible breach”. I thought it was related to a website address or an actual breach. Not so.

      I like security but that seems a bit much. AI maybe not so smart?

      Made some changes in the MS Password Manager. Fixed it.

      Thank you!

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      Make sure you have a working backup of the passwords stored in the password manager. Don’t want to lose that data…

      cheers, Paul

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        Had not been using any Password Managers other than the one provided by default with Edge. And that was only as it was set to automatically track them. May turn it off now.

        I use my own methodology for password tracking. Not automatic, slightly awkward but extremely unlikely to be exposed in my environment. And they are backed up a couple ways.

        Was always leery of online password managers due to the potential of them being exposed. And low and behold a couple popular ones were! Who would have guessed? (satire)


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