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    WINDOWS 11 By Ed Tittel An investigation into the backport of the new Microsoft Photos app into Windows 10 raises some interesting questions. Not all
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      New Photo, new Backup app/experience, Copilot…
      Windows 10 seems too popular 🙂

      if you want the old Photo app, MS’s InboxApps iso’s are still available

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        Thanks for your observation. I agree with your impressions of Windows 10. And indeed, over at Ghacks.net, Martin Brinkmann floated some fairly strong rumors that “Windows 12” could ship in 2024. To me, that speaks of a possible leapfrog effect from 10 to 12, if such a thing could occur. The topic of “Windows Succession” is almost as odd and unpredictable as the recently completed TV series of the same name!

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      New Photo, new Backup app/experience, Copilot…
      Windows 10 seems too popular

      if you want the old Photo app,

      I have neither on my Windows 10 Pro 22H2.

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        Very interesting. Do you perhaps have a policy enjoining Store updates? That’s the usual pathway for the “new” Photos app to appear in Windows 10. If there’s something in the way of such routine updates, that could explain this apparent discrepancy. OTOH, with Windows, it could easily be something else. If you’re just reporting status, thanks for doing so. If you want some help figuring out why you’re still hanging back, please tell me what version of Windows 10 you’re running (Edition and Build number) and whether or not it’s inside some kind of company/corporate managed environment or not.

        Thanks for your comment.


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      This one?

      Windows 11 version 24H2


      There was a X link post with Windows 12.

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      Another story on this has come out at https://www.windowslatest.com/2023/12/05/windows-24h2-spotted-as-windows-12-is-rumoured-to-launch-in-2024/. The one I was talking about was https://www.ghacks.net/2023/12/02/windows-11-24h2-and-windows-12-expected-in-2024/. FWIW, I agree with Mayank Pamar at WindowsLatest that a “Windows 12” in 2024 is pretty unlikely. But you can see what these pundits have said for yourself. Wasn’t sure about posting links to other websites here in comments. If somebody wants to offer guidance on that, do please share same here.



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        It appears Windows 12 has just become clickbait for headlines:

        Notably, these reports, originating from Taiwan’s most prominent financial newspaper, the Commercial Times, did not specifically confirm ‘Windows 12’. The media in the country assumed the executives were referring to “Windows 12”.

        (I wonder if Windows 13 will go the same way as Windows 9?)

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      I’m still using Google’s Picasa 3.x under Win10!

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      One important function of a Photos oriented app is color management.  At one point I don’t believe the Photos app was properly color managed, and I used to resort to using a registry hack to reactivate the old “Windows Photo Viewer” dll for viewing .jpg and .tif files because it is color managed to use the display ICC Profile.  While this article is about the unexpected back-porting of new Photos app features to Windows 10, also of note, this current Photos app is especially useful in Windows 11 because of it’s current color management capabilities:

      For those with 10bit and\or wide-gamut calibrated & profiled displays, some may be able to use the new “Automatically manage color for apps” (AMC) OS-wide advanced color management in Windows 11.  This also requires access to special “Advanced Color” AMC versions of ICC display profiles.  It enables wide-gamut displays to show images without them appearing over-saturated as they would appear in a non-color-managed environment or a non-color-managed app that expects an sRGB display.

      The setting to use this Windows 11 AMC feature is a toggle that can be found under the Display\Advanced Display settings if the system is deemed capable of AMC by Windows. (This toggle setting is not even shown otherwise.)

      The only app I’m aware of that natively supports the AMC configuration is the Photos app (tough to find a native-AMC-aware app-listing though!)  It can accurately display standard sRGB images as well as wide-gamut tagged images, even side-by-side.  When AMC is toggled on, non-color-managed output or apps will be displayed as sRGB color space.  Legacy color-aware apps require a Compatibility setting checked in their properties in order to continue providing accurate color-aware output beyond sRGB (Windows will then use an emulated AMC version of the legacy ICC display profile.)  Ironically, the old legacy color managed “Windows Photo Viewer”, because it’s a DLL & doesn’t have a Compatibility tab in the Properties dialog, can’t be configured to use its legacy style color management and so isn’t as ICC capable under AMC.

      For me, this accurate color management capability for Win11’s AMC is among the most important current features of the Photos app.

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      Dear rChaz: Thanks for your color management comments. That’s where my expertise in managing and editing photos starts to fall off. But for those who must attend to such things, I get that it’s really important. So thanks again for sharing your helpful observations. Happy New Year, too!


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