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    There’s an obscure Azure-related fix KB 3040272. If anybody can shed light on Microsoft’s explanation, I’d appreciate it!InfoWorld Tech Watch
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      MS is starting to remind me of when we bought out manufactured home and couple years ago. The building company gives you a 1 year guantee no questions asked but they do not really check the house for trouble before delivery. They rather the user aka the owners, find out what is working and not working and then they work on a fix. This is really getting old and tiresome.

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      I’d be curious to know what kb3054476 really does. My stomach gets queasy when a patch says “performance and the quality improvements.” If usb streaming devices are working fine, is Microsoft going to intervene in the app and play around with bandwidth settings and then likely not tell the user about it?

      I think it’s time for them to bring back the security webcast to explain what these optional updates actually do.

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      These updates are optional. Which means, we do not have to accept them — not yet anyway. Under Windows 10 on the other hand…

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      I’m new here and I now have updates turned off, but what happens if the MS-DEFCON settings are still on 2
      when the next batch comes around. Does that mean I still don’t update. If so will I still be able to update to WIN 10 when the time comes around. BTW I’m
      loving the Windows Secret news letters and The Lounge forums, absolutely brilliant to browse on a daily basis. Thanks Woody.

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      Almost always I’ll move to MS-DEFCON 3 or 4 (or, rarely, 5) soon after the last bunch of Tuesday patches comes out, typically on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Sometimes I wait until early the following month, if there’s some confusion about the fourth (or fifth) Tuesday patches. But I always post something before the next month’s Black Tuesday rolls around. On very rare occasions, I’ll re-post that we’re still at MS-DEFCON 2 (or even 1).

      And, yep, I recommend that you not install any updates until you see the MS-DEFCON level change.

      You’ll be able to upgrade to Win10 when it’s available. I’m still guessing that’s mid-August. Microsoft will make very, very sure that everybody + brother will be able to upgrade.

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      @RC –

      You got it. Oh boy.

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