• Microsoft releases KB 4103714, the second cumulative update this month for Win10 1709

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    Win10 version 1709 is now up to build 16299.461. There’s another long, long list of updates in the KB 4103714 article, none of which seem particularly
    [See the full post at: Microsoft releases KB 4103714, the second cumulative update this month for Win10 1709]

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      Thanks, Woody. I let my test VM update to 16299.461 and it seems to work no worse than before for what I use it for.


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      So here we are on the 22 of May, have not heard of any/many problems with the May 1709 updates – KB4103727 now superceded(?) by KB4103714.  Plus good report from Noel.

      Seems all the attention is on 1803.

      So is the Defcon for 1709 only still at a 2 ???

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        Woody does not give separate ratings for each and every possible configuration. The MSDefcon level has been described as appropriate for all of the Microsoft environments. And so waits for the stragglers to have a good path forward before creating directions for all. Adherence to the MSDefcon system is voluntary only.

        You may prefer following Patch Lady’s individual advice.

        Or, with sufficient confidence of your own system and knowledge, proceed at your own risk. Many do. It would be a service to the community if you reported your experience. It may even affect Woody’s assessment of the MSDefcon rating, and speed the process along.

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      🙁 soooo enough of it. Weekly updates from now on? I **** on Windows 10, sorry but can’t find other words for this anymore. Forced to use it for work, but actually am more busy with udating and repairing than working :-((((

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      Hi all!

      Can anyone tell me what is going on with the latest non-security patches? I don’t get them on any of my systems here. Read in other forums this happens more or less regular. I run a Dutch version of Win 10. In the Dutch overview of updates, KB4103714 is not mentioned either. Just as the one before (forgot the KB of that one). Normal security patches ARE installed normally though. Just to be sure I ran the update troubleshooter, no dramas there. Is this patch only meant for (US) English versions, for example?



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        I am going to guess on this one.
        The Cumulative updates released on Patch Tuesday (second Tues of the month) are security updates. Those released later in the month are non-security updates.

        I believe this is similar to Win7/8.1’s Security Monthly Quality Rollup (Patch Tues) and the Preview of Monthly Quality Rollup (non-security released on third Tues of the month). This would be the difference between “Important” and “Optional” updates.

        Do you have your WU settings at Semi Annual Channel? There is also a Semi Annual Channel (Targeted) setting, which is a “hit me with everything” setting. I suspect if you set WU at the latter, you may also receive the non-security updates. But, be careful, because that may also set you up for Feature Updates (version upgrades) immediately after release.

        If you are brave, experiment!

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          I am at the semi-annual and like to keep it that way for good reasons ? The thing is: before more or less May I got those updates without problems. AND thet were also listed at the Dutch update site. Now not anymore. Probably they combine security updates and those non-security updates in my region. I red the same questions at a German forum. Some get them, some not anymore. Weird, yet another unexplainable and unpredictable feature. It makes me tired.

          Greetings & thanks!


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      My computer keeps downloading this KB4103714 update and it keeps failing to install. I have a metered connection and it is using up my data usage! How do I stop it from downloading?


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      Does it contains CPU microcode updates for Intel CPU?

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        It is my understanding that the microcode will not be issued through Windows Update. It will be individual download only.

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      I was fortunate that a backout to last update worked.  One time, I had to reinstall the whole O/S from scratch.  After installing KB4103714 on an AM2 PC, Windows 10 crashes (blank screen) after 15 seconds of run time.  But, it works fine on my other newer AM3 PC.  I have turned off Windows Update service until further notice from MS.  Reminds me of the CPU bug fix which did not work on older CPUs.

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