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    Nevermind that Win10 1809 Home and Pro don’t officially hit end of service until May of next year… Microsoft just announced that it’s starting to pu
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      Bovine Excrement… AKA BS!!! Glad I’m still on Win8.1… & if M$ isn’t careful, I won’t be upgrading to Win10 v2004 in July 2020… or Later. Instead at that time, I’ll be researching Linux distros & supported apps to convert to in the 2nd Half of 2022!

      Bought a refurbished Windows 10 64-bit, currently updated to 22H2. Have broke the AC adapter cord going to the 8.1 machine, but before that, coaxed it into charging. Need to buy new adapter if wish to continue using it.
      Wild Bill Rides Again...

      • #2015423

        You keep moving your target. 🙂
        Wakeup call.
        Things aren’t going to change b/c MS is not moving their target.
        Just explaining how the cow eats the cabbage (to quote an old saying and use your metaphor.)

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        • #2015429

          Wish we had more information about how MS is going to start pushing. If we’re looking at “Download and install now” polite invitations, I’d have no problem with it. But somehow I don’t think that’s what is going to happen.

          • #2015917

            Just tried:

            Windows 10 Pro

            Feature deferrel 357 days – Nothing offered

            Feature deferrel 99 days – 1903 offered

            Feature deferrel 0 days – 1909 offered

            Apparently as it should be (?)

      • #2015522

        WildBill, you’re getting way to worked up about Win 10 upgrades.  I was on v1607 until I was ready to upgrade…ditto with v1709.  Now I’m on v1809 and I double-dog dare MS to even try to upgrade without my say-so.  I’ve got my PC so locked down, the only upgrades or updates it gets  are the ones I want it to have.

        So don’t sweat it…move to Win 10, lock it down, and then just smile and have a cup of coffee!

        Windows 10 Pro x64 v1909, Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Windows Vista Home Premium x64
      • #2018584

        Win10 1809 here, reporting that after this week’s Patch Tuesday I have not been pushed onto 1909. The Feature Update to 1909 still shows up as an optional update when checking using Powershell while wushowhide only shows availability of the December CU for 1809.

        When I was still on 1803 and MS announced they would start pushing 1803 users onto 1903, one month passed between the announcement and the actual pushing. Just a guess here, but maybe we are going to see in January next year the push to 1909.

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    • #2015438

      There must be something hidden behind this effort, they know something we dont. Their announcement (or however its spelled) says:

      …automatically initiate a feature update for devices running the October 2018 Update

      Im curious what “automatically” means. Without users intention maybe? 🙂

      Dell Latitude 3420, Intel Core i7 @ 2.8 GHz, 16GB RAM, W10 22H2 Enterprise

      HAL3000, AMD Athlon 200GE @ 3,4 GHz, 8GB RAM, Fedora 29

      PRUSA i3 MK3S+

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    • #2015448

      I wonder how feature update deferrals fit into the picture – if they even do.

    • #2015450

      What concerns me about Microsoft’s statement is that they will dump the updates automatically and not check compatibility. They have done this over and over and recently they dumped the wrong version of their security update on my and many other people’s machines causing a huge mess even though I had updates paused. Additionally, Satya Nadella stated after that update that they would no longer be forcing updates on us but here we are again with users at the complete mercy of Microsoft. Shaking my head…..

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    • #2015453

      They did the same with 1803 and 1903

      i will respect any deferral settings
      but on Home editions, i’m not sure if it will bypass metered connection or not

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      • #2015571

        in that case, I’m going to extreme measures like using either StopUpdates10 or WUB (windows update blocker) on my dad’s Toshiba C55Dt-A touchscreen laptop and prevent his computer from being automatically upgraded by M$ from v1809 Home to either v1903 or v1909

        I won’t bother upgrading from Home to Pro edition on there

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    • #2015457

      Yesterday, I updated 5 Windows 10 systems (2 Pro & 3 Home) using the recommended Win 1903.iso file. All but one of those machines updated to Win 1909; only one to Win 1903.

      • #2015465

        My 1809 to 1903 Pro update may have been a few days earlier, but I got to 1903 with no problems. I was very careful to find the tiny hyperlinks in the installer setup which say not to download updates as part of the Feature Update process. That step if omitted could get 1909 as an update.

        -- rc primak

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        • #2015479

          That’s likely what happened – the last step of the install process is to download and install the latest CU. I wonder if cmar6 got tripped up that way?

          • #2015488

            See #2015222. He didn’t disconnect from the Internet and probably allowed updates during installation.

            Wil see what my 1803 and 1809 do if I have time today.

      • #2016159

        cmar6 wrote:
        Yesterday, I updated 5 Windows 10 systems (2 Pro & 3 Home) using the recommended Win 1903.iso file. All but one of those machines updated to Win 1909; only one to Win 1903.

        Hmmm. Well, if even one system was successfully updated to 1903, then what I’m about to suggest is probably just more bovine excrement. But, that being said, buckle up, here we go…

        In the other thread I noticed that you mentioned that “The date of my 1903.iso file was 11/14/19”. Don’t mean to offend, but is there any chance what you think is a 1903.iso might actually be a 1909.iso? No, wouldn’t explain the apparent “success” (i.e., 1903), but would certainly explain the four “failures” (i.e., 1909). Anyway, however unlikely, just for giggles you could mount the .iso file and check the downloaded version…


        Just a thought, intended to be constructive, and submitted with respect. Hope this helps.

    • #2015521

      I think MS wants everyone on Win10 on a single CU/all the same OS by the time Win7 goes EOL.
      That means those on 1903 may be able to stay there (for a while), but 1803 stragglers and 1809 get forced to 1909. (After all, 1903 and 1909 have the same core, same CUs)
      Just think what that means to MS – ONE CU plus bundles of “On switches (the Insider Preview seems to be working the same way).
      One day apart I got Build 19035.1 and Build 19035.1000 (no changes to the second, just verifying the delivery).
      Looks to me like there soon will be NO control over version changes – you just get it in the CU when they want to release it (if you install CUs at all).

      Rent an OS.
      Everybody the same, except for the switches you pay (more per) to have turned ON.
      Been saying this for a while.

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    • #2015525

      I like 1809 and resent having to be force fed months early a new feature update. If MS worked fore me, I’d fire them on the spot. The way they treat people is disgusting.

      • #2015578

        if you have 1809 Professional, Enterprise or Education you can set the feature update deferral period to at least 180 days or more to keep the 1809 version.

        1809 Home users do not have much of a choice

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        • #2015690

          With Enterprise, and Educational,  volume licensing customers they have the most enabled options under Windows 10 to turn off most of the annoyances. That’s Way more than other versions of 10 and that comes at some extra cost. LTSC/Enterprise versions of 10 and the larger customers with the sufficiently large annual billing cycle to MS have loads of option settings that come at that tier.

          But as soon as Windows 7’s last security updates It’s not going to be hard to figure out what MS’s end goal is and has been all along with Windows 10. I also expect that costs will be rising more often as well for all that is subscription services related and 10’s total conversion over to that business model will be pressed to completion once 7 reaches EOL status in about 6 more weeks.

        • #2015759

          EP, you can fix it to permanently not take updates (unless you want it to).  This is what I’ve done to mine.  You can do it in Win 10 Pro, Ent, and probably Ed.  I’m using Pro, so I know it works with that.  I locked mine down through Group Policy and in the Registry.  I have yet to have anything try to load up.  I also did the normal set the metered connection setting as well.  Here is a pretty good look at the way to do the Group Policy and Registry settings.  I was at v1709 until I decided to upgrade to v1809 (with my own media…not MacroSloths).


          Windows 10 Pro x64 v1909, Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Windows Vista Home Premium x64
    • #2015600

      Thanks to all who are keeping us aware of new developements, following is for fun:


      Computers become slow when they sense that their servants are in a hurry.
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    • #2015967

      A question to all knowledgeable MVP’s:

      I’m on 1809 Pro X64 Build 17763.864 using two local accounts only. Updates are deferred by gpedit.
      (I don’t use third party apps for that anymore.)

      IF (a BIG one) I allow my system to be updated to 1903 (or 1909) while being connected to the web, will the update respect my local accounts, or will it force me to create an ms-account anyway?

      • #2015969

        Upgrading from 1809 to 1903 will not force you to create a new account (unless you do a clean install = wipe out everything)

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        • #2015976

          I also have a question: my admin account is in English, my user account in French.
          Which iso should I download and install: English-iso or French-iso?

          • #2015987

            If you added the second language by installing a language pack, I would use the ISO that matched the original langusge of the machine. If you are doing an in-place upgrade it should preserve your programs and data, and also the language pack installed.

            At any rate, I would do a full disk image and a file backup of your User data before you make the change, in case you have a problem. That way you will have a restore to go back to.

    • #2015965

      What’s the take on 1909, down at the Norton Community.

    • #2016085

      It will be interesting to see how this action by MS addresses my 32Gb eMMC Toshiba tablet, as it’s already tried to update to 1909 from 1809 and was forced to retreat because of the space issue (which precluded 1903).  There’s simply no way to achieve the 7Gb of free space on that drive, no matter how much space there is available in any attached USB drive — the SD card simply isn’t recognized, but suspect if it was that 7Gb requirement would still tube the process.

    • #2016132

      , but suspect if it was that 7Gb requirement would still tube the process.

      Microsoft won’t allocate the 7GB reserved storage if you are upgrading from earlier version of Windows 10. The space will be allocated on clean install.
      Microsoft needs ~20GB+ for the Windows.old file.


    • #2016235

      Not reading much lately so, forgive me if this is already covered.


      I use Onedrive location as my download path (download something, it is the same location on my second computer). I have a portable program in the same directory.

      I ‘upgraded’ to 1909 about a week ago.


      Before upgrade, Sort by ‘Date modified’ sorted folders at the top and files separately. Now, when I use the portable program (and it presumably changes a file date inside the folder), its folder ‘Date modified’ is changed. It sorts to the top.


      Group A (but Telemetry disabled Tasks and Registry)
      1) Dell Inspiron with Win 11 64 Home permanently in dock due to "sorry spares no longer made".
      2) Dell Inspiron with Win 11 64 Home (substantial discount with Pro version available only at full price)

    • #2016415

      Currently running 1809 Home and my plan is to stick to this version for a few more months at least. I know Woody recommended 1809 Home users move to 1903 to take advantage of the defer updates feature, but I actually prefer to keep using wushowhide to hide/unhide updates and install them when I want to (during the MSDEFCON 4+ days) rather than using defer updates and have MS force on me those updates if I hit the end of the maximum deferral period before the MSDEFCON drops to 4 or more. I realize that having to run regularly wushowhide is a bit more of a hassle than tapping the defer updates button a few times: it’s just than I appreciate the extra flexibility I have with wushowhide.

      For the moment I’ve followed abbodi’s input and hidden the (currently optional) 1909 Feature Update in PowerShell. When MS starts to push 1909 on 1809 Home machines I suspect that this Feature Update will be visible also in wushowhide just like that for 1903 did a few months ago when I was still running 1803.

      Speaking of which, back in July when I was on 1803 and MS started to force push 1903 I noticed that upon hiding the 1903 feature update (using wushowhide) I was no longer offered the monthly CU for 1803. Did this happen to anyone else? Anyway, when MS starts pushing 1909 I’m actually curious to see whether that was a random glitch (and the 1803 CUs should have actually been offered regardless that I hid the 1903 feature update) or whether this will happen all over again and I will not be offered the 1809 monthly CUs after hiding the 1909 feature update. If that happens, I’m just happy to install the monthly CUs (and SSUs) manually.

      • #2016454

        When i was doing scan tests last month, I actually noticed that Home & Pro 1803 do not get the supposedly last supported CU (KB4525237), or any previous CU (i only installed May 2019 CU to enable OptionalInstall support)

        instead, only 1903 show up as regular, and 1909 as optional

        other updates (.NET, Flash, Microcode, Facilitators) show up normally

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        • #2017001

          Interesting… That mirrors my experience on 1803 Home back in July-September before I moved to 1809: no CUs offered, only 1903 and the other updates (.NET, etc) were showing up. I know that I’ll be annoyed if this happens also with 1809, but I’m curious to see whether this happens again just to see if it’s standard practice for MS to have only the feature update show up as a regular update on devices running a Win 10 version deemed close to EOL.

          Ironically, for users hiding the feature update on that kind of devices it’s this practice that will actually prevent them from receiving the monthly updates rather than the obsolescence of the installed version.

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    • #2018341

      Windows 10 1809 Pro.
      Decided to tip my toe in 1903 (hot) waters using Windows update and not 1903 ISO or MCT.
      Changed Feature deferral to 120, quality deferrals to 0 and got a notice of 1903 waiting.
      Got KB4524569 servicing stack, KB4530684 CU 1903.
      The process took 1.5H on a Lenovo Y530, Intel i7-8750H, 16GB RAM, 1Gb Optic Fiber.
      Can’t find a way to remove the ‘Top App’ screen that opens when typing a search.
      The fonts of shortcuts on the desktop and file explorer are too small. Other settings were saved.

    • #2018361

      The fonts of shortcuts on the desktop and file explorer are too small.

      Fixed fonts size with ‘Portable Windows 10 System Font Size Changer’

      Got KB4522741 .NET, KB 4524100 .NET, KB 4516115 Flash update

    • #2019316

      How big is the download size from 1809 to 1909? I have a 3 Mb/s connection, so I need to know how long it’ll take.

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