• Microsoft’s December patch hangover: KB 3008923 unrepentant; Fixit for some 2553154, 2726958 problems; 3004394 dead; and 3011970 re-issued

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    What a mess.If you know of any other problems, please comment on the InfoWorld article!InfoWorld Tech Watch.
    [See the full post at: Microsoft’s December patch hangover: KB 3008923 unrepentant; Fixit for some 2553154, 2726958 problems; 3004394 dead; and 3011970 re-issued]

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      The only two updates you mention that effect me are KB2596927 (for Office 2007) and KB3008923 (for IE 11) I am not overly concerned about the IE 11 patch since I use Firefox, but I use my Office applications (especially Word) on a daily basis. What if I simply do not install these two updates at all? I did not install KB3011780 on your recommendation, but it still appears in my update queue. I still have no plans to install it.

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      As we close in on the first Microsoft Patchfest of 2015 I have continued to defer the installation of any of December 2014’s offered updates. I’m starting to wonder how many months of updates it may be necessary to defer while waiting for MS to get its act together.

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      I’m concerned about that, too. You’ll note I haven’t budged from MS-DEFCON 2….

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      @Deborah –

      I wouldn’t touch 2596927 with a ten foot pole. That’s the primary reason why I’m still sitting on a fence about changing the MS-DEFCON level.

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      And we still have a leftover from November: KB3011780. What about that one, Woody?



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      I am running Windows 7 on my laptop. The only Patch that I have from your list is KB3008923. The others I have are KB3013126 KB2952664 KB3006121 KB3006625 KB3009736 KB3013410 KB3014406 KB890830. Is it OK to go ahead with the other updates and just hold off on KB3008923 or should I wait until you raise the MS-DEFCON level.

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      Are there any patches that are safe to go ahead with? I don’t mean that sarcastically; rather, wouldn’t decreasing the number of patches available to install help to refine the focus on the problematic patches and make things relatively less confusing?

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      On the other hand, not everyone uses macros in the first place.

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      It’s still on Susan Bradley’s “hold” list.

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      Yes, it would, for people who don’t mind wading through patches one-by-one.

      Best source of info about individual patches is Susan Bradley’s “Patch Watch” column in Windows Secrets Newsletter. It’s a paid subscription, but you get to choose how much you pay.

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      See my reply to Erik. For people who are willing to analyze individual patches, look at Susan’s column next Thursday. If you’re more inclined to just wait until things settle down, then yes, wait for the MS-DEFCON level to change.

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      Microsoft’s KB3025036 is now up to version 9. Woody, have you heard anything more about a proper resolution to the problems with patch KB2553154 for Office 2010 (and related patches for other versions)? We are having headaches with macros/macro buttons working on some PCs but not others.

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      Made a comment on an earlier post about updates after a replacement HDD and Windows 7 install – I am guessing to go ahead and skip the December problematic IE 11 app (Office is critical, if it breaks, schoolwork does). So go ahead and wait until maybe Thursday 1/15 2 days after Jan patch tuesday to apply all IE 11 updates?

      One last question?

      Do you have any resources for Outlook 2013(Desktop Client for Windows)and the problematic Autodiscover when attempting to connect to Exchange Online? – It always fails.

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      @MIS –

      Hold off on the December patches. I’ll try to get more details recommendations later today, but that’s the bottom line at this poin.

      Not sure about Autodiscover in Outlook 2013. What problem are you having?

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      @DA –

      I haven’t heard anything new. What’s happening?

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      What a mess indeed! I like Win 7 but I’m going to seriously look into a Chromebook as an Internet alternative.

      Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake as soon as you make it again.

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      After some careful study I decided to triage KB2726958, KB3008923, KB3008925 and KB3004394 as offered in December for Windows 8.1 64 bit system. I installed the other December patches without incident and have not experienced any discernible issues as of yet. I think KB3004394 will be OK to install as the issues it created seem to surface on Windows 7 and Server 2008 only. However, out of an abundance of caution the four patches noted will not be installed until the confidence level becomes clearer.

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      Regarding IE, it hasn’t been updated since 4/2014. the only ones I am offered in Windows update are one from August http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2976627) -it’s on Revision v9

      and via Microsoft’s website (IE 11 November Cumulative IE 11 Update….
      It’s on revision v4, but I would need to manually download and install it.

      The only ones being offered through Windows Update are December’s IE 11 patch (KB3008923)

      What about any other major issues with patches? Our university blocks Wi-Fi Access if our patches are significantly out of date.

      Next month I will have to look into Susan Bradley’s Patch Watch.

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      @Mis –

      January brought some relief, but the Excel patches are still hanging in the wind.

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      Has anyone installed the IE9 fix kb3025945 for KB3008923 Windows 7 x64 ie9 issues and what was your experience with the installation and, did the fix fix the IE stopped working issues? Woody, any comments would be appreciated from you as well.

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      I posted a reply, however I can’t see where it went through. My question is about KB 2553154 which I installed in error. I have had no problems, however I do not use Excel now. However should I uninstall it to be safe as I may use Excel in the future?

      Also all of the other patches were installed without incident, however I have only NOW noted the Defcon 2 warning and am wondering if I should uninstall all of the December patches.

      Thank you for the wonderful advice you provide.

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      Naw. If you aren’t using macros in Office, you won’t be hurt with that patch.

      If the other patches went through OK, breathe a sigh of relief, and just keep on keepin’ on. No need to uninstall anything.

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      I don’t have any first-hand experience, but it’s supposed to work….

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      @TJ –

      You’re fine. Unless you use Office macros, KB 2553154 shouldn’t cause any problems. If you haven’t any problems yet with the others, it’s unlikely they’ll jump up and bite you.

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