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    I installed Win10 Creators Update, build 15063, in the cleanest way possible – no activation key, no Microsoft account, and turning off all of the Pri
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      And we have more ads/bloatware. One of the posters said his menu was grayed out – didn’t care. He uses third party menu.

      Edit to add link

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      Second verse, same as the first…

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      I wonder if the official release date could possibly be April 4, 2017.

      This is based on the fact that the Anniversary Update was released on the first tuesday of August last year. So if MS follows the same MO…….. Plus Creators Update is more then likely 3+Gigs. That and all the other update stuff, is a whole lot of things stuffed down the update chute.


      Just a thought.

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      A screen only a mother could love. Definitely a two bagger.

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      Consider what a minimal install means: that lots of stuff is bloat or unuseful. IOW, what you get is learning a new way of doing things for something that is worse than Win7 with respect to value, spying and forced updates that are the equivalent of malware.

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      Will people have to reset everything else including re-configuring your network settings and reinstall printer drivers?

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        From what I can see even with the “Keep personal files and apps” quite a few things get re-installed and quite a few settings (e.g., privacy settings) have to be revisited.

        It seems to have kept my drivers, but I wouldn’t bet that any particular driver won’t be updated by whatever’s in the holding tank at Microsoft.

        I was able to get a reasonably stable full installation, but testing the upgrade process has been yielding mixed results so far. I haven’t had a result that’s perfectly stable yet.


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          Thank you very much for testing & replying to me. Ugh… I’m going to attempt to stave that “upgrade” off, at least the confirmed resetting the privacy settings meets an expectation of nuisances.

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      Out of curiosity, if you leave it alone for say 15 or 20 minutes after bootup, how many processes are running just to support an empty desktop? I’ve not gotten around to trying it myself.

      I’ve gotten version 1607 build 14393.969 down to 41, and that’s with about 10 I added to enhance system function or which are there because it’s running as a VMware virtual machine.



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        I finally got an installation done in “Keep personal files only” mode…

        LOL, well over 90 processes running WITHOUT my installing any of my goodies yet.

        Microsoft acted on their promise to split every service into a separate process (yet they’re all still called svchost), so that accounts for quite a few additions, but still, there are LOTS more things running, and half again as much RAM being used.

        It’s so bloated it’s laughable.

        No, Microsoft, more is not necessarily better.


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      Got a hold of the “latest & Greatest” ver 15063 Pro everything works as billed not had a chance to test the new update defer settings It installed without a problem in to a “native boot” VHD except for the noisey setup assistant at full volume (Paul Thurott’s bane) thats not been fixed or ignored since Paul complained about it. Set up gpedit.msc with the usual settings and theres just one change may be nothing (see the illus.) but the wording has changed a bit. So far so good as usual the defer drivers in gpedit didnt work presumably itll take effect should any future drivers show up, have a gander and see what you think 🙂

      1607 Pro (before)

      15063 Pro (after)

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        NOT a good change in wording!!!

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        This how the above GP policy shapes up after being applied. (Both versions had the identical policies applied) So it seems that M$ arent ruling anything out here. Meanwhile probably off to experiment with the Settings GUI defer tools see if that brings some relief as “Patch Tuesday” is on the Horizon in a couple of weeks. 🙂

        Current 1607 Pro Ver (before)

        Insider Ver Pro 15063 (after) same policies again

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