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  • Missed version 2004

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      • #2307215
        AskWoody Plus

        I am at 1909.
        I missed version 2004 update.
        Now I am being prompted to update to 20H2.
        I have paused updates.
        I don’t have a copy of 2004.
        I am confused and lost, what should I do?



      • #2307222

        Download the Windows ISO Download Tool from
        Place it on your desktop and run it.
        Download the latest v2004 ISO for your computer’s bittage.
        Place the ISO on your desktop.
        You can install v2004 two ways:
        + You can create install media by burning the ISO to a DVD or bootable USB.
        Insert the install media in your running OS, navigate to the drive letter, and run setup.esxe
        + You can mount the ISO by double clicking on it or right click on it and “open witn File Explorer”
        It will appear as another drive letter in Explorer.
        Navigate to that drive letter and run setup.exe

        You should do the above OFFLINE (disconnected from your network). If you are connected to the Internet you will get forced to 20H2 in the process of the installation.

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      • #2307333
        Paul T
        AskWoody MVP

        Whatever you do, don’t un-pause. It will install everything whether you want it or not.

        When you have finished the 2004 install you can un-pause, but it will install the current updates and we are at defcon 2 for those.

        cheers, Paul

      • #2307660
        AskWoody Plus

        Hi! I followed the instructions of PKCano and inserted a USB with 2004 .ISO and disconnected from internet.  The process reached 55 percent and then stopped and suggested a shut down.  Nothing further happened and I was back into my 1909 version of windows??

        This is challenging beyond what it needs to be???



        • #2307661

          There are some things you can do/try (all of them) before you attempt the upgrade again:
          + Turn off Fast Startup(Control Panel\Power Options).
          + Disable (or uninstall if you can’t disable) any Anti-virus/Antimalware programs you are running.
          + Update your hardware drivers from your OEM’s website.
          + Check MS documentation for known and resolved issues  in 1909 and 2004.
          + If you have ever installed or are currently using any third-party update blockers, be sure they are OFF.

          If I think of more, Ill add it later.

      • #2307736

        PKCano,  Thanks much! Is it necessary to disable ANti-Virus if I am not connected to Internet?  Drivers are up to date as far as I can determine after stepping through each one to verify those updates.  I checked MS documentation for 2004 version and there are none that apply to my setup.  There are no update blockers on my system.  Thanks much for all your help.

        • #2307745

          Turn off the antivirus/antimalware b/c it can conflict, not b/c you are or are not on the Internet.
          Did you check on the computer OEMs website for the driver updates, or just look in Device Manager?
          Did you turn off Fast Startup?

          Before you try again try these things:
          In an elevated command prompt (type cmd.exe in the search box, right click and “Run as Administrator), Copy/paste each of these commands into the Command Prompt and hit Enter.
          DISM /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
          sfc /scannow
          Then run the Update Troubleshooter (Settings App\Update & Security\Troubleshooter).
          Report any errors you get.

          Try again. If the process hangs, without any error, walk away and give it time.
          If the process fails again, come back and we can try to reset Windows Update.

      • #2307760
        AskWoody Plus

        PFCano, Thanks again! There were no flags in Device Manager.  Couldn’t find ‘Fast Startup’ as you indicated. I ran each command that you listed. First one ‘completed Successfully’. Second one ‘Windows resource Protection did not find any integrity violations’.  Then ran Update Troubleshooter and there were, ‘no recommendations for you right now’.   Now do I go ahead and try the install again using the 2004 .ISO file?????

        • #2307761

          Fast Startup is under “Choose what the power button does” if I remember correctly. You may have to “Show options that are not currently available.” It should be unchecked.

          Device Manager is not where to look for updated drivers. You need to write down the specs for your hardware, particularly video, sound, network, chipset, and visit the OEMs website with the make and model number of your machine.

      • #2307849
        AskWoody Plus

        PFCano.  Sorry! I mentioned Device Manager; but I religiously check with each OEM site for

        updates.  Example Nvidia, Intel, sound, motherboard, etc..

        • #2307850

          OK, be sure Fast Startup is OFF. When you get OFFLINE, unpause updates and try again.

          If you get any messages other than “suggesting a shut down” let us know.
          If it fails, please give provide the error code in Windows Update\View Update History.

          If it is successful, before you go back online, put the Pause back on updates. You will not be current with updates on 2004 and will need to do updates. Do them, controlling the updates like you usually do (metered connections, wushowhide, or whatever you use).

      • #2308038
        AskWoody Plus

        PKCano, My apology but I stepped through setting upon setting and as yet haven’t located the fast startup that you have mentioned?? Perhaps you can check and verify that it in fact exists? Thanks.



      • #2308345
        AskWoody Plus


        Well I attempted the 2004 .ISO again, this time I reached 67% as opposed to 55% last time.  The stop code that I received was : ‘Kernel_Security_Check_Failure’  ?????  Perhaps you may be able to direct me from here?  Thanks Much!


      • #2308607
        AskWoody Plus


        Oh by the way I finally established that ‘Fast Startup’ is off via a piece of Motherboard software.  I had to do some digging but I found it.


      • #2308608
        AskWoody MVP

        Did you look for newer OEM drivers for your device as instructed by @PKCano?
        This sounds to me like it’s a hardware block. (do you have October patches installed in 1909?)

        Just upgraded from a fresh test W10 1809 with October patches to 1909 and found myself in the same situation as you.
        I found that even things like outdated ethernet/ wifi can block the upgrade and only one version behind the most recent 🙁
        After an ‘online hunt the driver’ updated wifi and ethernet and I’m now on 1909 🙂

      • #2308663
        AskWoody Plus

        As I indicated in #2307849 I religiously check with the hardware sites for updates. And I do have Oct. 2020 1909 updates, and wanted to go to 2004 per the latest newsletter from Susan Bradley’s suggestion.  I didn’t consider wifi not ethernet?


      • #2308665
        AskWoody Plus

        Additionally, I have been on 1909 for months without a single issue.  And to receive the stop code:  ‘Kernel_Security_Check_Failure’ is troubling.  If the kernel has an issue I thought it would appear in 1909 also, or maybe Microsoft made a change in the kernel that is causing this problem??????????

      • #2308667

        I religiously check with the hardware sites for updates

        No. That is NOT what was said. The OEM is where you should check. I think the problem is hardware driver related.

        If I were you, I’d let it alone for now. Microsoft is messing with certificates for hardware drivers and causing all kinds of problems. You have until May 2021 before 1909 is EOL. In the meantime, I suggest you go the the computer OEM site and look for recent drivers. You may have to DIG through their Support section with you make and model number.

        Down load Speccy or Belarc Advisor to help you find the hardware descriptions.

      • #2308671
        AskWoody Plus

        Additionally, I have been on 1909 for months without a single issue.  And to receive the stop code:  ‘Kernel_Security_Check_Failure’ is troubling.  If the kernel has an issue I thought it would appear in 1909 also, or maybe Microsoft made a change in the kernel that is causing this problem??????????  Regarding OEM I do not have a purchased computer but rather a personal built unit.

      • #2308706
        AskWoody Plus

        For those having trouble updating Ver 1909 to Ver 2004, I had a similar problem, but solved it differently with excellent results.

        I tried upgrading from Ver 1909 to Ver 2004, from the flash drive upgrade.  It proceeded well, until the end, where it indicated “install failed”.  Tried again with same result.  That wasted time, so I decided to take the big jump and go right to Ver 20H2.  I used the 20H2 offer on the “Windows Updates” page.  It downloaded and started installing in about 10 minutes.  All went well, until a minor freeze happened when it was trying to reboot.  After a while, I held the power button until the laptop shut off, then I restarted it.  From that point the installation completed with no problems.  Install took about 1hour total on this fast system.  The system is running smooth.  Funny, but my download speed as shown on has increased from about 25mb/s to 52mb/s.  Probably not related, but I’ll take it!

        The whole point of my story, it that it may save a lot of grief to jump right t Ver 20H2.
        Dell G7 7700 I7 Laptop, 1TB Samsung SSD, 16GB Mem

      • #2308885
        AskWoody Plus

        PKCano,  I am running Windows 10 Pro.  And it has been running great for months and months.  Maybe I’ll just wait for a couple more months and hopefully some of these issues will be resolved such that I can comfortably go to 2004???

        • #2308901

          Try one more thing.
          As of the last few says, there have been reports here of problems if you have the Oct updates installed and you try to upgrade from an ISO that contains an earlier version of Win10. I’d like to see if you can upgrade using Windows Update since you have the Pro Edition.

          Read through Sections 1 & 2 of AKB2000016, so you understand the settings.
          Then I want you to set things like it says in Section 4.
          IF you have Pause set, click Resume updates and IMMEDIATELY disconnect from the Internet so it cannot download anything. Searching should fail.
          If you do not have Pause set, just disconnect your computer from the Internet.
          These are the ONLY settings you should have:
          Windows Update\Advanced Settings Quality Update deferral pulldown = 0, Feature Update deferral pulldown = 100
          In Group Policy Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update
          Configure Automatic Updates = Enabled, value = 2 (notify download/install)
          There are screenshots below to help you find these settings.

          Reboot your computer.
          When the computer searches for updates again on its own, it should offer you v2004.
          If this happens, go ahead and update through Windows Update.
          It’s going to take a long time to download and install so be patient.

          If it is successful, you will need to change the settings in Group Policy because the deferral switches will no longer be available in v2004. You will need to use the TargetReleaseVersion settings in GP. That is covered in Section 5 of AKB2000016.

          If this fails, it should roll back and I recommend you stay on 1909 for a while longer.
          You will also need to change the settings, so get back with me.
          Let me know if you have any questions.


      • #2309105
        AskWoody Plus

        PKCano,  Thanks much for all your time involved in these responses.  First this procedure is so convoluted and involved I just wonder how those poor souls who are not computer savy are to arrange updates???  With that said my group policy is set up as you indicated and has been for some time.  Today the updates show 1909 and not 2004.  I am going to follow Woody and stay with 1909 for a while longer.  Strange that Microsoft hasn’t smoothed out the issues with 2004 before EOL that is only months away.


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