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    3 laptops running Win10 1909 Home updated today. None were offered November’s CU, KB4586786 via Windows Update.

    Using the wushowhide tool confirmed this not to be available to hide.

    Anyone having similar issues?

    I ended up installing KB4586863 and KB4586786 successfully from:


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      That’s the same that I saw. I also run Belarc, which catches things like things.

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        I updated to W10 Pro 2004 on 11/28 and noted that per Settings “View Update History” I have the 2004 Feature Update plus the October CU installed.

        Per “Installed Updates” in (Control Panel’s) Programs and Features I have the November Servicing-Stack and November CU installed.

        See the attached for KB # references.

        A bit confusing, but maybe the 2004 Feature Update included the November CU?

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          If you upgrade feature update while online it will install all latest updates (including previews).
          The better way, if you want to control update installation is to install from ISO while offline and than set block/defer updates before connecting online.

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            Maybe so, but I decided to do a “live” upgrade 1809 to 2004 on purpose: https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/update-1809-to-2004/#post-2315440

            That aside, the point I made was that upgrade history and installed updates differ for reasons not quite clear to me (see attachment).  WuMgr confirms this.

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              Windows Update History and Installed Updates are two different things.

              If you install an update through Windows Update it is recorded both places. But if you subsequently manually uninstall the update, it is no longer listed in Installed Updates, but, since history is just that, HISTORY, it is still listed  in Update History as an event that happened.

              If you update using Windows Update, SSUs are bundled with monthly CUs and are installed first in the process. But SSUs are never included in the Windows Update History list. They are, however, recorded in the Installed Updates.

              If you install an update manually, it may not be recorded in the Windows Update History list (b/c Windows Update did not install it so it is not Windows Update’s History), but it will show up in the Installed Updates.

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              “Windows Update History and Installed Updates are two different things…”

              Thanks for the clarification-summary, but I’m aware of that.

              I only found it strange that the November CU was not listed in Update History .. only in Installed Updates.

              Since my live 2004 upgrade and update on 11/28 (a week ago) I have neither updated via WU (and/or Manually) nor uninstalled anything at all.

              As I see it, the November CU should have been listed under History, but it was not.

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              As I see it, the November CU should have been listed under History, but it was not.

              Not if it was included in the upgrade, because it was part of the upgrade and not a separate update.

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              “Not if it was included in the upgrade, because it was part of the upgrade and not a separate update.”

              If that’s the case (as postulated in #2317479), that explains it.  Good show, all set .. let’s carry on!

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        My laptop updated thru WU but my desktop did not. I went to the update catalog and installed the same two kb’s you did.

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      1. I am running HOME Windows 10 1909 (OS Build 18363.1082) on a Dell XPS 8900 x64-based.


      1. Currently, Windows Update is paused and set to continue December 14, 2020. When I view Update history, I receive the following:
        1. Feature Updates (1)
          1. Feature Update to Windows 10, version 2004
          2. Failed to install on 11/9/2020 – 0x8024000b
        2. Quality Updates (4)
          1. 2020-09 Update for Win 10 1909                                            (KB4023057)
          2. 2020-09 Cumulative Update Win 10 1909                           (KB4574727
          3. 2020-09 Cumulative Preview Update .Net Framework    (KB4576947)
          4. 2020-09 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player             (KB4561600)
          5. Definition Updates (15)



      1. My plan is to resume Windows Update today (before Patch Tuesday), install any updates before Patch Tuesday on tomorrow, then Pause updates for another 35 days. However, I am concerned that Windows 2004 will install and I really do not want to install 2004 at this time. I was going to try to run wushowhide; however, looking at all the different scenarios presented by different pages, it seems there are likewise just as many different steps for running wushowhide ( PKCano #233671 & #2303099, @Matador #2286979)).
      2. I read many of the posts, and was directed to AKB2000013, but I cannot find this information.
      3. Could some provide either (1) where to find AKB2000013 or  (2) step-by-step procedure for resuming Windows Update and using wushowhide so that I do not install recent updates, especially 2004.

      Thank you.

      • #2317951

        AKB2000013. Read completely. Beside the procedure in the AKB, if you read down, @matador has a method that works.

        BEFORE you use @Matador ‘s method, read down (particularly #2287011). At first I didn’t think his addition would work, but it does. Be sure you understand it. Come back and ask if you have any questions.
        NOTE: Metered connections is the only thing that protects you from being bombed by whatever updates are out there in the WU queue when you Resume updates after Pause. You have to verify they are hidden with wushowhide first.

    • #2319100

      I read AKB2000013 in its entirety as you recommended in your December 7 report # 2317951 and also read #2287011. Per your recommendation, I am now going to use Matador’s method. Could you clarify one item please: When I begin this entire process I believe I do the following steps: (1) Make sure metered connection is “ON”, (2)  REBOOT the computer, (3) once the computer has completed booting up, the directions state to run “WUSHOWHIDE”. Before I run Wushowhide, do I need to turn OFF metered connection?

      Thanks once again for all your assistance.

    • #2319216

      I just ran wushowhide according to the steps in AKB200013. Unfortunately, it found NO updates and NO hidden updates. However, when I opened Settings/Update and Security, the system started downloading a slew of updates. Before the downloading had a chance to start, I clicked out of Settings. When I went back to Update and Security, I was able to Pause updates until Jan 17, 2021!!  I have no idea how this happened.

      Here are the exact steps that I followed (I wrote them down as I did them):

      1. Did System Image
      2. Made sure on metered connection
      3. Shut down computer
      4. Booted up computer and verified still on metered connection
      5. Ran wushowhide after unchecking auto fix
      6. Wushowhide did not find any updates and non were hidden.
      7. Opened Services — clicked on “Disable”, then “Apply”, then “STOP” services in upper left corner
      8. “RESTART”
      9. Opened Services — Set to “Manual”, then “Apply”, the “Close”.
      10. Ran Wushowhide — no updates hidden
      11. Opened Settings — Update and Security
      12. Could not hit PAUSE since only “Resume Updates” was available
      13. This is when the NEW Updates showed up and the system started downloading, I clicked out
      14. When I came back to Updates, I was able to pause to Jan 17, 2021.
      15. What did I do wrong because I wanted to be able to hide the updates, then pick which files I wanted to download??
      16. When I then clicked on Update history, I received the following info:

      Feature Updates
      Feature Update to Window 10, version 2004
      Failed to install on 12/13/2020  – ox8024000b

      Feature Update to Windows 10, version 2004 –
      Failed to install on 11/09/2020  – ox8024000b

      Quality Updated
      2020-10 Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based System KB4023057
      Failed to install on 12/13/2020  – ox8024000b

      2020-11 Cumul Update Preview for .Net Framework  3.5 and 4.8….              KB4586878
      Failed to install on 12/13/2020  – ox8024000b

      2020-10 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for ver 1909                     KB4580325
      Failed to install on 12/13/2020  – ox8024000b

      Other Updates
      Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x64 – v5.84                              KB890830
      Failed to install on 12/13/2020  – ox8024000b

      Any assistance greatly appreciated.

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        You see the “Failed” notices in Windows Update History because you clicked “Pause” and aborted the download/install.

        The error you made was between #4 and #5 on your list.
        You set metered connections, rebooted, verified metered connections, then ran wushowhide.
        You never ended the Pause before running wushowhide.
        When Windows Update is on Pause, you will never see anything in Windows Update or wushowhide (because they both use the Window Update Service).

        This is the sequence you need to follow:
        Set metered connections, reboot, verify metered connections, resume updates, then immediately run wushowhide. Metered connections should keep the updates from downloading.
        Hide the updates you don’t want with wushowhide.
        All the updates will still be in Windows Update queue – then you run the procedure in AKB2000013 to clear the queue of the ones you have hidden.

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      Sorry for the pesky questions and I certainly appreciate everyone’s patience and assistance, but I am almost there —  wushowhide actually hid the downloads and did not install them.

      I followed your recent instructions, and when I clicked on “Show Hidden Updates” I received the following: (ALL boxes unchecked)

      2020-10 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10     KB4580325
      Windows Malicious Software Removal Took                                                 KB890830
      2020-11 Cumulative Update Preview for .Net Framwork 3.5 & 4.8           KB4586878
      2020-10 Update for Window 10 version 1909 for x64…                                KB4023057
      Feature Update to Windows 10, version 2004

      Then, when I ran Windows update again, the following appeared:

      You’re not up to date
                    Last checked: Today 3:19pm
      You’re device is missing important security and quality fixes.
      Check for Updates.

      The next step should be “Pause”, then immediately “Resume”. However, there is no Pause or Resume, just “Check for updates”. Should I just click on “Check for updates”??

      Once more, thank you.

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        Check your Installed Updates (not update History) to see if any of these are installed:
        KB4586786 (Nov CU) and KB4586863 (Nov SSU)
        KB4592449 (Dec CU)

        Open wushowhide and go into Hidden Updates, uncheck these updates b/c they are OK to install, leave the rest alone:
        2020-10 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 KB4580325
        Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool KB890830
        Turn on metered connections.
        If these are the only two that show up in Windows Update, turn off metered connections and let them install. Then use Pause.
        If there are other updates that show up, hide the ones you don’t want using the method you did before. After they are hidden, allow the ones you want to install. Then use Pause.


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      You can leave “metered” on and use the download and install buttons to perform the updates. More fiddly but gives you a nice feeling of control. 🙂

      cheers, Paul

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