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    Mobile Hotspot Auto Starter is simple portable Freeware Application and allows you to do the following operations with one click

    1. Turn on mobile hotspot on startup Windows 10 via Task scheduler
    2. Automatically turn on Mobile Hotspot when the PC boots via Shell:Startup folder
    3. Create Mobile Hotspot On-Off Desktop Shotrcuts
    4. Disable – Enable Mobile Hotspot usage

    Moderator edit: removed link pointing to a remote zip file. Please post links to download sites, not direct executables.

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      Hi , Because of the shared host restriction we share some links from clouds , I send a Google drive link I hope this one is not direct executable

      Moderator note: Removed link pointing to remote zip file. Please supply link to the English version of the originator’s site.

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      Waiting on further tests and the tool appearing on the English version of their site, currently a little concerned that the .exe is flagged by Kaspersky (generic/guess only) which isn’t that common.

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      Mobile hotspot Auto starter

      Mobile Hotspot Auto Starter v1.0.0.2

      What is New (Saturday, 19 November 2022) :

      1. [FIXED] – Scheduled task doesn’t run when laptop is on battery power
      2. [FIXED] – Application doesn’t run when C directory doesn’t exist
      3. [ADDED] – Check Mobile Hotspot status every 3 Minutes feature
      4. [ADDED] – Disable/Enable Mobile Hotspot Power Saving feature
      5. [ADDED] – Open Scheduled Tasks feature

      [Moderator edit] again, direct link to the download site only. No 3rd party links.

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      I see you are the author of the article about this software on the sordum site and are part of the team at sordum.
      This post looks very much like advertising and that is not allowed without prior consent. At the very least you need to write your interest in this site in big, bold letters at the top of the post.

      cheers, Paul

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