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    My Linksys Modem and Linksys Router are about 14 years old and are having problems. So I want to get new ones. My ISP is Spectrum/Charter.


    Can I assume that a 6.0 router would result in speedier web surfing?

    Should I get a single combo modem/router unit or keep them seperate.

    Any other suggestions?



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      Your ISP may have a list of approved Modems and Modem/Router combinations. You should check their website first.

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      PK is right to check. Especially if you are purchasing your own modem. Down here we use Spectrum’s provided modem with our own router. Their routers absolutely stink in my experiences over the last couple years. Locked down and very limited in what you can do with them.

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      I also have Spectrum, and they will refuse to provision any router or modem not on their list of approved devices, meaning they won’t let you connect to their servers. Here is the list with links: https://www.spectrum.net/support/internet/compliant-modems-spectrum-network .

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      The modem fussiness could indicate a MTU limitation – and what your connection uses can be influenced by protection software among other things..

      Perhaps run through the check just to be sure your packets aren’t fragmenting at your current setting at least..


      I have to set mine, and reset it when the router / ISP changed a while back. It can give crazy things like some web pages won’t load in under a week while other are fine, and some programs can’t update.. while the Windows updates always work (when kicked.. like Chrome.)

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      Thanks for the suggestions.

      OLDGUY (like myself!)– I ran thru the MTU checklist–no issues here.


      PK– Yeah, I chatted with Spectrum and looked at their list. Eons ago, they had a monthly modem rental fee. That’s why I got my own. So now, no charge, and I have to figure their modems work well. So, I ordered one. No charge for self installation. I suspect it will be easy. My guess: plug it in, connect cable to back, connect modem to router, activate device to charter.

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      At 14yo you need to replace the router at the least. Much has improved in protection from web nasties.

      It is cheaper to buy a combo with wifi than buy 2 units, but if you get a minimal modem you can then choose a better router if you want.

      A quick look at the list of approved units shows some are not available and some are older units. The D-Link DCM301 is a cheap modem only, leaving you to choose a new router with the features you want.

      cheers, Paul

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      At 14yo you need to replace the router at the least. Much has improved in protection from web nasties.

      I strongly agree with Paul T on this. A 14 year old router is very old and vulnerable.

      I don’t know about Spectrum, but with Comcast\Xfinity if you hook up your own router to their modem\router gateways you are supposed to put the gateway in bridge mode so that you don’t get conflicts between that router and your own router fighting each other. . .

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        I also have a Comcast/Xfinity Modem/Router. I do NOT use bridge mode and run 2 routers attached to the modem and do not have any conflicts.

        Using bridge mode disables one of the 2 ethernet ports, which would prevent me from using 2 routers.

        I like 2 routers so that the 2 networks cannot talk to each other. One network for guests and other devices and one network for my local computer network (private).


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      I have a broadband cable internet provider, and use their modem with my router.

      One thing to consider with an internet provider is that if you use their modem and need troubleshooting, the modem should be covered under your agreement. If you use your own gear and it fails, you will need to supply your own replacement.

      The easiest way to determine if a connectivity issue lies in the modem or router is to unplug the router and plug a laptop directly into the modem with an Ethernet cable. If your can access the internet OK that way, then you need to investigate your router.

      Otherwise, you will need to deal with the modem. Easier if you can hand that task over to the provider!

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      Thanks. As I indicated above, I ordered a modem from Charter. Completely free if I install it myself. I’ve used a Linksys Modem and Linksys Router for 14 years, trouble-free until recently. Yes, it’s beyond time to change.



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