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    My question is similar to, but more involved than, Outlook Account Settings-how do I view and adjust with VBA (#486200).

    I have an email account on my provider’s email server whose USERID is custom@[mydomain].com. In Outlook 365, I have this account set up to <i>send </i>only – not receive. I use this because when doing business with a new website (newsite.com) I use newsite@[mydomain].com as my email address. When the people at newsite.com respond, their messages to me arrive in my wildcard (catch-all) email account.

    If I then need to correspond with newsite.com by email, I change the Outlook email settings for custom@[mydomain].com so that the outgoing message appears to come from newsite@[mydomain].com and the return address is also newsite@[mydomain].com.

    This takes many steps, and I would like to have a macro (triggered by a customized button on my Outlook HOME ribbon, which I already know how to do) that does this.

    When I do this manually (actually, I’m using mini mouse macro to accomplish this) the steps are generally as follows:

    1. Copy the custom email (newsite@[mydomain].com) into Windows clipboard. (I am prepared to continue to do this manually, outside the macro.)
    2. Gain access to the email account settings in Outlook (File > Account Settings > Manage Profiles > Email Accounts)
    3. In the ACCOUNT SETTINGS dialog box, on the EMAIL tab, select the account associated with custom@[mydomain].com and click CHANGE. Note: this cannot be identified by the NAME field in this dialog box because the NAME field was customized by the prior use of this process. It can be identified by looking at the data file associated with the account, which is C:\users\[myname]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\custom@[mydomain].com.ost.
    4. In the CHANGE ACCOUNT dialog box, change fields as follows:
    4a. User information > Email address > paste the clipboard contents (newsite@[mydomain].com) into this field
    4b. UNcheck “Automatically test account settings….”
    4c. Click on MORE SETTINGS
    4d. In the INTERNET EMAIL SETTINGS dialog box, on the GENERAL tab, paste the clipboard contents (newsite@[mydomain].com) into the MAIL ACCOUNT field and into the REPLY EMAIL field.
    4e. Close all dialog boxes by clicking OK or NEXT or FINISH or CLOSE (as appropriate).

    At this point, when I compose a new message, I can click on the FROM button in the new email and select the account newsite@[mydomain].com (which obviously is just custom@[mydomain].com masquerading as newsite@[mydomain].com). The recipient will see this email as coming from newsite@[mydomain].com, and the recipient’s reply will go to newsite@[mydomain].com where it will be captured in my wildcard/catchall account.

    Can you suggest the VBA code that makes the changes to the Outlook email account settings that I am doing manually (or more precisely, by invoking mini mouse macro) today?

    Thank you.

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      Not the answer you seek, but I’m surprised you can’t have multiple identities and choose the one you want when composing the email (I use Thunderbird and it has that ability).

      cheers, Paul

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