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    WIN7 EXTENDED SUPPORT By Susan Bradley Windows 7 extended-security updates are easier to buy than to deploy. The entire process seems to be a work in
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      When on Win7 extended support, do you think there is any reason to avoid using Disk Cleanup’s Windows Update Cleanup function to reclaim disk space?

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        No, it should work in the same manner

        besides, Win7’s Update Cleanup only uninstall superseded updates, it doesn’t compress or reset built-in components, which may cause problems

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      Opatch is getting their Win 7 patches ready- I would like to hear more about them as I don’t have Windows Enterprise and can’t get Extended Support.


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        You don’t need Windows Enterprise to get Extended Support Updates, you only need Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate, either 32 or 64 bit.

        Instructions for acquiring the updates (US $61 for the first year, I believe) are here on AskWoody along with instructions for activating the entire process in the first place and adding a last minute update afterwards as well. You will need to install that last minute update after successfully activating the ESU process but before actually being able to successfully install the February 2020 ESU update itself.

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        0patch info is here and here and here

        cheers, Paul

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      I had posted previously  (on February 19, 2020) on the askwoody.com website a thought that perhaps it might be possible to obtain the ESU license without first installing the October 2019 monthly rollup that Susan Bradley had indicated in a posting on Dec 17, 2019 would be required in order to obtain an ESU license.   I didn’t receive any responses to that Feb 19th posting,  possibly because most people had already obtained their ESU license (and possibly also because the number of people who qualify for the license in the first place is relatively small,  because it’s limited only to those people who have the Professional or Ultimate edition).  Anyway, when I saw that I didn’t receive any responses,  I decided to simply give it a try.  And so I did NOT install the October 2019 monthly rollup (nor any of the other monthly rollups for that matter).   And it turns out that everything worked out OK.  I obtained the ESU license,  and I installed the monthly “security-only” update  KB4537813 (instead of the monthly rollup  KB4537820 that was offered to me by Windows Updates).   At the time that Susan had posted (in December 2019) that there was a prerequisite requirement for installing the Oct 2019 rollup,  that Oct 2019 rollup indeed was a requirement from Microsoft.   However,  as I mentioned in my Feb 19th  posting,  it appeared to me that Microsoft had changed the requirements in February in an article by Jon Warnken of Microsoft and in a subsequent February 11, 2020 Microsoft blog posting.    Anyway,  now it appears that I still can remain in the AskWoody  “Group B”,  and the AskWoody website seems to provide at least for the time a mechanism to easily obtain the “security-only” updates,  because  being PKCano has included the February 2019 monthly “security-only” updates for Windows 7 in his  AKB2000003 Ongoing list of “Group B” monthly security-only updates for Windows 7 and 8.1 .   But I guess the question is:  does it make any difference at this stage?   Namely,  do the  “security-only” updates have less of a chance of containing the Microsoft telemetry?  Avoiding the telemetry was the reason that that people such as myself remained in  Group B and put in that extra effort over these past number of years.  One thing I have noticed is that the February  “security-only” update is smaller in size than the monthly rollup (i.e.,  the “security-only” update is only 28 MB compared to the monthly rollup which is much larger at 206.5 MB in size).   So it appears that the “security-only” update would have an advantage of downloading faster,  and perhaps it might take up less hard-drive space,  but the main question of whether it would have less telemetry is  something I’m not sure about,  and so I’d be interested in seeing whether people have any thoughts about this,  and will appreciate any responses.

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        The size and download speed benefits of the Security-only patches are marginal, at best.

        Whether they snoop less than the Monthly Rollup patches… that’s open to debate.

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      I purchased Win7 ESU (YR1) licenses for a small business through Harbor Computer Services (great experience, no problems with purchase or subsequent installations, thanks Amy & Ted!)

      now one of the Win7 boxes has decided to get ornery, to the point where I’m thinking it might be appropriate to restore/”factory reset” the box. But, needless to say (yet I’m gonna say it anyway), I don’t want to lose the Win7 ESU license activation (which I’ll still need post-restore).

      I’m hoping it’s possible to “recover” my earlier Win7 ESU license activation on this box by simply uninstalling the key:
      > slmgr /upk <Activation_ID>

      Anyone know if this is legit? Will it recover my purchased Win7 ESU license activation for this box (for reuse on the box post-restore)?

      Thanks in advance. And be well, folks.

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        You can go through the same process again and “rearm” it.  It won’t complain.  You don’t need to uninstall it there is a “grace” re-arms that they allow.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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