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    LANGALIST By Fred Langa A recent column on OneDrive problems brought a ton of email from readers asking for help with overcoming OneDrive’s poor docum
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      One thing I”ve never quite understood:   what’s the difference between a directory symlink {mklink /d} and a directory junction  [mklink /j]

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      See What is a Junction? (computerhope.com) for a discussion about the two.


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      While you tout the benefits of OneDrive for yourself, you have failed to answer posts about how to fix some problems- like mine
      “Problem with the newest version of OneDrive- started to transfer all my files automatically, stopped it, but it got My Documents folder, and now in My Documents folder only a shortcut to the OneDrive folder and have to go to OneDrive folder to see them. If you want a Onedrive icon in your folder instead of original contents and then have to go to the Onedrive folder to find them.

      No info about this from Lance Whitney or how to undo it. I want My Documents files in that folder and not to have to click OneDrive shortcut to see them.”

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        Not sure how to fix your specific issue. But with this type of problem I think it’s often best to remove and reinstall OneDrive from scratch.

        First check your OneDrive online to make sure all your synced folders and files are there. Close the OneDrive system tray icon. Go to Settings and uninstall OneDrive. Download and reinstall OneDrive – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/onedrive/download

        After it’s reinstalled, open OneDrive settings from the system tray icon. Go through the different sections to make any necessary changes.

        Now that you have a clean install, you can try any Symlinks or other customizations.

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      For decades I’ve been so frustrated trying to use MS apps. So why do it?

      There are many apps that are better, easier to use, better supported, don’t require you to re-learn 40% of the app when a new version is released and likely cheaper!

      Quit drinking the Kool-Aid.

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