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  • More problems reported with the manual-install Win7/Server 2008 “Stretch” black wallpaper fix, KB 4539602

    Home Forums AskWoody blog More problems reported with the manual-install Win7/Server 2008 “Stretch” black wallpaper fix, KB 4539602

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      Da Boss

      Remember the manual-download-only patch For Win7/Server 2008 released late last week? It’s supposed to fix the bug introduced in last month’s Win7/Ser
      [See the full post at: More problems reported with the manual-install Win7/Server 2008 “Stretch” black wallpaper fix, KB 4539602]

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      Da Boss

      My instinct and Reply to these released Kb4539602 patches couldn’t be justified? Could it?

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        AskWoody Lounger

        Judging by the reports of the Windows boot file being deleted that are coming in, I’d say your right on the money.

        Something else that I haven’t seen anyone bring up (aside from your screenshot) is the size of the patch files.

        The Servicing Stack Updates are around 10MB and those are to maintain the Windows Update system, a central component of the OS. Given that the smallest “stretch” patches are 29.2MB and are meant to fix (what I assume is) a graphics issue, what else could they contain?

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      AskWoody Plus

      It appears Microsoft documentation is now superfluous.

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      At this point I think users of these platforms just want to be left alone by Microsoft. You know those old sitcoms where the character who “can fix anything” comes over, and breaks everything that he touches? That’s Microsoft.

      I’ll take my chances being un-patched and vulnerable to the bad guys, thanks. At least my computer will still boot, if for no other reason than they can’t make any money when it doesn’t!

    • #2138463 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      This site provided a good recommendation for W7 home users.  ” Never download previews” which I never did.

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      AskWoody Lounger

      Win 7 is no longer supported that means no Rollup will come on path tuesday . Only Preview rollup is available. So that preview rollup has same bug or is safe to install? This text talks about manul-install fix, no mention preview rollup.

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      from Born’s blog “Win 7/Server 2008 R2: Boot issues with Update KB4539602”

      read the “Missing SHA-2 support as root cause” section of that blog

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      • #2138516 Reply

        AskWoody Lounger

        read the “Missing SHA-2 support as root cause” section of that blog

        That has to be an interesting (strange?) subset of systems, especially on the server side:

        • You don’t have SHA-2 support installed, so you’re only partially patched. In fact, you can’t install any patches issued since September, 2019.
        • You have to be running terminal services for the desktop stretching to matter (unless, again, you’re really strange and have to have wallpaper on your server sessions to slow down the screen refresh). Again, if you’re running terminal services on an unpatched OS, you’re pretty far out of the mainstream already.
        • Despite the points above, you go out, locate THIS patch, download it, and manually install it… on your server. So you can have stretched wallpaper. On your server. On your unpatched server.


        I blame Microsoft.

    • #2138546 Reply

      AskWoody Plus

      Two questions:

      (1) Is this problem also being reported as actually affecting Windows 7 PCs, or reports are limited to servers? They are different things, servers and PCs, so what is bad for the goose might not be much of a a problem for the gander.

      I do work with computers, but using them as a tool, not fixing or maintaining them, so this is the first time I hear the words ‘boot’ and ‘file’ used together as the name of a thing. I suppose it is a file that is part of the system bootstrapping process that gets things ready to go at the start of a new season. Assuming I am right so far, here is question No.2:

      (2) If the bootfile is deleted, what happens then? The machine cannot be booted up?

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    • #2138782 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      I’m forced to upgrade from Win7 to Win10 because this year’s tax software requires it. Is it possible to turn off automatic updates in Win 10 HOME version?

      I’ve seen comments on this site saying it’s only possible with the Win10 Pro and the only reason I would pay up for Pro is to block those $#@&! updates.


      • #2138802 Reply

        Da Boss

        In Win10 Home:
        You can Pause updates for up to 35 days, but then they have to be installed before you can use Pause again.
        You can use Metered connections to keep the CUs from downloading.
        You can use thrid-party software to block Windows Update, but you have to undo the blocks when you want to update.

        That’s about it. There is a lot of information on the site about this. Use the search in the right woodgrain panel to investigate the possibilities. Try “block Win10 updates,” to start with.

      • #2138825 Reply


        If you were willing to use them, the online cloud based versions of most tax software will work with most operating systems like Windows 7.

      • #2138996 Reply


        The tax software – is there no support for 8.1 as well, or has that been dropped in favor of Windows 10?
        and what about Linux tax software?

      • #2139599 Reply

        AskWoody Plus

        Turbo Tax this year still runs on Windows 7 (I just started my returns).

    • #2138847 Reply

      AskWoody Plus

      Not to try people’s patience, but I really would like to know why is this bad for people using Wndows 7 (not server 2008)?

      The ‘why’ (a bootfile gets deleted) has been explained already, but not the ‘what’: what happens because of that to the regular Windows 7 user that makes it worthwhile for this user to worry about?

      And: no. I’ve never heard before of this thing called ‘bootfile’ and probably neither have a good many people that are still using Windows 7. Perhaps someone here might care to elaborate on this? Thanks.

      Windows 7 Professional, SP1, x64 Group B & macOS + Linux (Mint) => Win7 Group W + Mac&Lx

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        No bootfile no booting to the OS and maybe having a windows recovery DVD/USB Flash stick recovery media for Windows 7 handy can help. One should already be doing regular Windows 7 system image backups for recovery reasons if no of the other repair options work out, and after each system image backup process is completed the backup software queries the user with an offer to create a Windows recovery DVD.

        I have my windows 7 system image backup done once a week and I have already made a Windows 7 recovery DVD so no I longer  need to make that anymore and I also have a Linux Mint 19.3 Live USB flashed to have temporary access to a working OS that can be booted up from the flash drive and can run Linux Mint on the PC/laptop and also repair things that way. But I’m not up to speed fully with repairing Windows using a Linux Live Image running from a USB Flash stick, so that system Image backup done via Windows 7’s system image backup tool/utility and that recovery DVD made under Windows 7 can be useful for repairing that bootfile.

        The one good thing is that for some PC/Laptops there are really good BIOS recovery features in addition to that Windows recovery DVD that can get things fixed and that full Windows system image backup that’s been made should the damage be too great for the other methods. Nothing beats having one’s complete system image backed up that’s a complete snapshot of the system’s OS, programs, files, and all from the time when that image was taken to at least restore from that and that’s not more than one week old.

        Your actual user directories should be backed up more often via the Windows Back tool/utility that’s part of the same control panel/backup options. Just remember that backup is only for user directories and such while system image backups are actual full system snapshots, files, installed applications, OS and all.

        I’m actually currently booted from a Linux Live(Mint) USB Image and my system works fine from there so I can make use of my computer on the go even if my Windows 7 Pro based laptop is unable to boot from Windows(Corrupted bootfile/other OS boot issues). I guess that there are options for running windows from a Flash stick as well but 7’s EOL and that’s not changing for those that are not Windows 7 ESU licensed.

      • #2139629 Reply

        AskWoody Lounger

        Generalized/simplified/abridged sequence of how something starts, computer-version:
        1 – power on
        2 – BIOS/UEFI executes POST – Power On Self Test
        3 – control directed to the Boot File(s) (operating system specific), which
        4 – start the initialization of the operating system
        5 – when the OS is sufficiently loaded, control is offered to the user

        Any item above missing/fails ==> speaker beeps / error message / etc.

    • #2138860 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      You’d think Microsoft would build in a dependency check for this.  You’d THINK.  🙂



    • #2138878 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      I accidentally installed this patch on my last Server 2008 R2 physical domain controller. Just an accidental release from WSUS, a quick reboot of the server, and ____________. Fortunately I had a donor machine that I could scrape the files from then copy to the damaged server via Windows 10 USB Installer . Spent more time waiting for the server to POST than it took to fix the issue. Honestly, I was expecting something to be broken because of an update.

      The good thing is this server (and the rest of the company) will be shut down this year, I just didn’t want it to be shut down yesterday.

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    • #2138884 Reply

      AskWoody Plus

      I have not yet installed the January security patches in my Windows 7 64-bit system,  but on 8 February I downloaded windows6.1-kb4539602-x64.msu to install with them.  Having read here today (11 February) that Microsoft quietly updated this patch on the Microsoft Update Catalog on 10 February, I went back to the Catalog (which also shows there was a 10 February update), and downloaded again.  Both versions (8 and 10 February) are the same size (52,490345 bytes), and they have the same  SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashes as each other and the same  as the hashes  documented on the KB4539602 page, which is dated 7 February.

      So has Microsoft changed anything about this patch other than the dates shown on the Update Catalog?

      • #2139124 Reply


        They only revised the metadata for WSUS deployment
        the update itself has no issues nor it cause this booting files issue

    • #2139248 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Today i installed Preview rollup because full rollup not came, for me no problems.

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